Film maker Sanjay Amar’s film “DECEPTIVE DIVA” is streaming on OTT.

Film maker Sanjay Amar’s film “DECEPTIVE DIVA” is streaming on OTT.


"Deceptive Diva," the latest web movie from filmmaker Sanjay Amar, is currently streaming on Shemaroome. Backed by Canopy Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. as producer, the film has been co-produced by Sanjay Amar and his creative partner Manish Jain. The story revolves around the life of a strong-willed girl who wants to succeed in the glamour industry. Aditi Govitrikar, Kashmera Shah, Pamela Mondal, Vishal Om Prakash, Hemant Chaudhary, etc. are in the stellar cast of the film. Sanjay Amar has helmed the film as writer, director, lyricist, and costume stylist, and he finished the film with a record-breaking shooting schedule. The ace cinematographer Neelaabh Kaul joined the team as DOP, and it is his third film with Sanjay Amar. Both share a chemistry that is quite visible in the final out of the Deceptive Diva. Aditi Govitirkar is returning to the film with her charm. She is playing the pivotal character that enhances the take of the story, while Kashmera Shah is playing the main antagonist of the story. Both of them have played their characters so well that they make you feel involved in the story.

Pamela Mondal, on the other hand, has played the role of the main protagonist so gracefully and effortlessly that you will fall in love with the character so much that you would want to be deceived by such a Deceptive Diva. Vishal Om Prakash, who has already graced the big screen with his noteworthy performances in films like ‘Peepli Live’, is seen here in a never-before-seen avatar. His spontaneity and real-life-like acting add to the charm of his character. The plot twists of this captivating storyline keep the audience on the edges of their seats till the very last shot of the film. The Writer and Director Sanjay Amar’s dedication to his craft of storytelling is easily recognised by the nicely choreographed sequences stacked together seamlessly. The chief assistant director, Manik Koul, has done multiple jobs in the production of the film. Along with being the chief A.D., he has also worked as a co-production designer, co-costume stylist, and cinematographer for the film. While the whole team is celebrating the release of the film, at the same time everyone’s eyes are also moist because they lost one of their important teammate while in the finalising stages of the film. Two songs from the film have been composed by ace music composer duo Sanjay-Rajee. The sad and sudden demise of Sanjay Chandrashekhar just a few days before the release of the film filled the hearts of the whole team with sorrow. The whole team dedicates the release of the film to Sanjay Chandrashekhar while missing his physical presence, following the core anthem of this art form, “The Show Must Go On.". 

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