Doha family excited to have Bhai MASTAAN back home for the festive season

Doha family excited to have Bhai MASTAAN back home for the festive season

News correspondent Sneha Nair was excited to announce Bhai MASTAAN’s return back to his Doha family to celebrate the festivities. Bhai MASTAAN is home to embracing arms in Qatar; plans are lining up in sequence as we await the big revelation. Bhai MASTAAN had been to India for a few weeks this September to set his plans in motion. With the steady build on his forthcoming project, the writer returned to Qatar after the announcement of his first book early next year alongside his new gangster rap music. The artist received a lot of love and warmth during his visit to India. Tabled at one of the elite restaurants in Mumbai, he was captured during his meeting with his creative team. Bhai MASTAAN was warmly felicitated at the top hotels in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai as a special Guest of Honor. In a candid chat with one of the Indian news correspondents, Bhai MASTAAN confirmed his first book in progress. Flying back to Qatar amidst the FIFA World Cup 2022 craze, he was graciously welcomed back home by some special beloved people from his close circle.
Moslem Abbas Salafzoon, the Security Head of Pearl, Qatar was all smiles as he exchanged a bouquet with Bhai MASTAAN at the airport. The small entourage also had Shehnaaz Shaikh, Zafar Iqbal MD Iqbal Pir Badshah, Senior Executive of MOI and Naveen Minocha, CEO of Magnum Group. Bhai MASTAAN is a very renowned and extremely successful artist in Qatar. He now wants to pitch the Indian audience and carve a spot for himself there, too. He is currently working on his filming projects and is expected to start rolling the cameras by 2023.
Bhai MASTAAN'S work is underway, carrying an air of suspense amidst the hushed murmurs of excitement and anticipation. We don't know what the artist is planning but we're definitely in for a pleasant surprise. Fans are looking forward to an update from Bhai MASTAAN on his speculated 2023 releases. Feel the adrenaline rush yet? For news & media coverage, contact sneha.n@timesnowbusiness.com or call on +91 77100 30004 - RV

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