Nawabi Bhoj: A Culinary Celebration of Murshidabad at Novotel Mumbai International Airport

Nawabi Bhoj: A Culinary Celebration of Murshidabad at Novotel Mumbai International Airport


Mumbai, July 5th: The Food Exchange at Novotel Mumbai International Airport is set to host a remarkable culinary event from July 5th to 13th, 2024, presenting the rich and diverse flavors of Murshidabad. This unique food pop-up, aptly named "Nawabi Bhoj: Taste of Murshidabad," promises an exquisite journey through the cuisine of this historically rich region. The event is a collaboration between Chef Pin and the renowned Chef Ananya Banerjee, a globetrotting chef whose expertise and passion for promoting lesser-known regional cuisines have garnered her significant acclaim.

Chef Ananya Banerjee is a multifaceted talent—an accomplished lawyer, painter, social influencer, and above all, a culinary expert. Her deep-rooted passion for culinary arts has led her to explore and promote the rich and diverse cuisines of various regions, with a particular focus on Murshidabad. Her journey to Murshidabad involved extensive research and learning from the descendants of the Nawabs and local culinary experts, enabling her to bring forth an authentic representation of this cuisine. Her dedication and expertise ensure that each dish tells a story of cultural confluence and historical significance.

At the heart of the Nawabi Bhoj gathering the content was Rajveer Singh, a familiar face in the influencers world. His interaction with the Creative Chef Ananya Banerjee, Gorgeous Rachita Sood (GM Novotel), the culinary experts, esteemed influencers, and enterprising entrepreneurs added warmth and familiarity to the event as they shared food, laughs and stories.

Among the Prominent Influencers who interacted with Rajveer were Priyanka Ajgaonkar,  Roshan Kamble and others.

The genuine connections formed and the shared laughter and joy became the heart and soul of the Nawabi Bhoj Dinner Buffet

Murshidabad cuisine is a delightful blend of Persian, Mughal, and Bengali culinary traditions. The Nawabs brought Persian and Mughal culinary techniques and ingredients, which have significantly influenced the local cuisine. This unique blend of Mughal sophistication and Bengali earthiness makes Murshidabad cuisine a flavorful and distinct culinary treasure. 

Chef Ananya Banerjee has meticulously curated a buffet spread that showcases the best of Murshidabad's culinary heritage. Iconic dishes featured in the buffet include:

- Murshidabad Mochar Shami Kebab: A fusion of Mughal and Bengali traditions.

- Taal Saash / Chennar Kofta Sukto: A combination of palm fruit and chhena.

- Moong Jhingey Posto, Murshidabad Chicken Tikia, Morog Pulao, Chingrir Kofta Narkel Diye, Darchini Gosht: A rich variety of main courses.

- Jhurir Doi, Raskodom, Cheena Bora: Delightful desserts to complete the meal.

Chef Pin, a leading platform for home chefs, collaborates with over 4,000 home chefs and bakers across Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Delhi NCR. This platform aims to bring authentic, home-cooked meals to food lovers, promoting healthy and delicious options. The Murshidabad food pop-up is part of Chef Pin’s ongoing efforts to introduce home chefs and their delectable cuisine to a larger audience.

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The Nawabi Bhoj Dinner Buffet at Food Exchange, Novotel Mumbai International Airport, is more than just a meal. It is a celebration of community, connection, and cherished moments. The event's ambiance, filled with laughter and engaging conversations, continues to resonate on social media, leaving an unforgettable impression on all attendees.

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