Best Chiropractic Specialist In India For Disc Bulge Injury!

Best Chiropractic Specialist In India For Disc Bulge Injury!

Dr Harish Grover Painflame Clinic Welcome to the first chiropractic clinic of Gurgaon dr Harish Grover is most Trusted and verified clinic over all prestigious medical portal like Practo, Lybrate,Sehat ,Meddo ,Googal,curofy with over 5000 positive feedback and close to 2000 plus vedio on YouTube and Other plateform for awareness purposes Dr. Harish Grover and his team  during his 11 year of tenure he has treated over 2 lakh patients .Painflame clinic is Making a revolutionary changes in pain management helping you not only treating the pain but also eliminate the root cause of the pain. 

Dr. Harish Grover believe in natural holistic treatment and in this instance dr Harish Grover has started the first chiropractic clinic in Gurgaon. At Painflame we believed natural means of the treatment because that not only treat the root cause of disease he pain but also help to stop the re-occurrence of diseases thus the effects would be long lasting At painflame clinic treatment procedures are carried with the Chiropractic ,Manual therapy and Osteopathy dr Harish Grover  is also the first Navel displacement treatment specialist in India which we called as naabhi setting for digestive issues .His entire team provide many other alternative therapies in hygienic way painflame clinic offers World class treatment with USA FDA approved imported machines which are skin friendly and don’t leave any marks or patches over skin and has absolutely zero risk wheather the patient is of 8 month old or 80 year old !

Meet the founder 

Dr Harish Grover (PhD): Top chiropractic specialist in India having phd degree in disc bulge rehabilitation 

And Having master in chiropractic !

Dr.Harish Grover is a Chiropractor, Osteopath,

and Physiotherapist. He is Phd in spine and his research topic has been on disc herniation and various natural methods to treat disc bulge naturally he did D.M in Chiropractor

From Stockholm Sweden .Dr Harish Grover did D.O in Osteopathy from college of osteopathy

Onterio (Canada) .Dr Harish Grover has done many medical certifications and course in various spine and joint injury treatments 

He did master in cardio pulmonary physical therapy and He Has been associated with Artemis hospital Gurugram. 

Dr Harish Grover founded Painflame healthcare in 2013 for chiropractic treatment which is a holistic approach of treatment along with the chiropractic he does various other alternatives treatment like osteopathy,Dry Needling, Cupping Therapy, Sports Taping, IASTM, Graston, and about 28 other different type of therapies to boost up the recovery process and has been successfully prevented more then45000 surgery including Disc bulge, knee replacement and spinal surgery.

He is a very dexterous osteopath who completed his education at the Osteopathy College of Ontario, Canada and earned the title of diploma in osteopathy. His methods transcend the traditional ones and focus on the most minute details to provide optimal care tailored to the needs of the patient. His way of addressing patients in a composed and compassionate manner is much appreciated by the former. With a bounty of accolades, a huge wealth of experience ( over 11 years ) a wide bracket of patients and over 2 lakh plus chiropractic sessions, Dr Harish Grover strives to provide all-encompassing healthcare services that emphasise the well-being of patients he always proponents of the natural healings of spine and joint injury 


Dr Harish Grover has a wealth of knowledge and curiosity that is boundless. He has attained the following degrees from the most reputable institutions in the country : 

* MPTh/MPT - Cardiovascular & Pulmonary Physiotherapy - Guru Jambheshwar University of Science & Technology, Hisar,

* BPTh/BPT - Guru Jambheshwar University of Science & Technology, Hisar 

* Master of Chiropractic - Ackermann College sweden 

* Phd in disc bulge injuries rehabilitation JJTU 

* DO osteopathy ( Canada )

* Certified Professional in dry needling 

* Certificate professional in workplace ergonomics 

Training and Certifications : 

Dr Harish Grover is a bearer of some of the most difficult-to-attain certifications for which he has had to undergo certain rigorous training. To mention a few  : 

    *Master in chiropractic (Sweden) 

 * D.O osteopathy (Canada ) 

* Certification in Recent Trends in Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation delhi 

* Certified in Diversified Chiropractic Methods for Spine Ideal Health Osteo and Chiropractic Clinic, Malville, (Australia )

*Gonstead method of chiropractic (Manila Philippines ) 

* Certificate in Workplace Ergonomics - Academy Of Ergonomics

* Certificate Workshop on Clinical Dry Needling -  New Delhi 

Experience : 

Dr Harish Grover have been working over 11 years as a specialist. He has worked with some of the most decorated hospitals in the country. To mention a few : 

*  Executive Physiotherapist at Artemis Hospital

* 2014 to present chiropractor at Painflame clinic

Fields of Expertise : 

Dr Harish Grover is a very respected Top chiropractor and physiotherapist of the country He is also a master in osteopathic manipulation

Website = https://www.painflame.com/

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