Mohammad Sher Ali: Engineer Turned Author Advocates for Marginalized Voices.

Mohammad Sher Ali: Engineer Turned Author Advocates for Marginalized Voices.

Mohammad Sher Ali, a renowned writer, was born on December 6, 1989, in Bi Bi Ka Bangra, Bihar. His literary journey has been marked by a commitment to addressing societal challenges through his insightful writings.

Mohammad Sher Ali completed his education at Loyala High School and pursued Electrical Engineering at William Carey University in Meghalaya. Despite his technical background, he has ventured into the realm of literature while managing his business in Siliguri.

Living in Siliguri, West Bengal, Mohammad Sher Ali runs his own business while also writing about important issues. He's not just writing for fun; he's trying to make the world a better place, especially for women, Dalits, and people who don't have much money.

Among his notable works are "Kamyabi," Hajj Kichhu Sriti Kichhu Kotha," "Respect of Women" and his successful book, "Kyu?". These books delve into the struggles and aspirations of marginalized groups, offering readers a poignant glimpse into their lives.

In 2021, Mohammad Sher Ali's impactful writing "Kyu?” gained widespread recognition, earning him the prestigious IG Best Author Award. This accolade was bestowed upon him for his outstanding contribution to literature, particularly for his book "Kyu?," which garnered acclaim for its insightful exploration of societal issues.

Mohammad Sher Ali's dedication to literature and social justice serves as an inspiration to aspiring writers and advocates alike. His unwavering commitment to effecting positive change through his words highlights the transformative power of literature in addressing societal concerns.

While all the people are busy living their lives, there are people like Mohammad Sher Ali who are raising the voice of empowerment and upliftment of women, Dalits and economically deprived through their books. The country is proud of such a writer.

To purchase his book or to learn more about him, click on the link provided below.

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