The Tale of Cleantech Mart, Founded by Cdr Sravan Kumar Khuntia

The Tale of Cleantech Mart, Founded by Cdr Sravan Kumar Khuntia

(From Defending the Nation to Preserving Nature)

Cdr Sravan devoted over 22 years of service to the Indian Navy in the Aviation branch. During this time, he was part of the management teams of the formidable aircraft carriers INS Viraat and INS Vikramaditya. Due to the demanding nature of military service, he faced health challenges such as slip disc and spondylitis, leading him to take early retirement from the Indian Navy with a disability.

Deeply environmentally conscious and recognizing the urgency of the climate crisis, Cdr Sravan conducted research on climate crisis mitigation plans after retirement. While settling in Mumbai, one of India's most polluted metropolises, he sought various cleantech products to reduce his carbon footprint. However, he couldn't find a single platform offering a diverse range of cleantech products and aligned services. Recognizing this gap, he conceived the idea of cleantech-mart.com, a SaaS-based AI-enabled aggregator of cleantech products and services, along with carbinnov.com, offering carbon consultancy and energy auditing services for MSMEs.

Discovering the highly fragmented and unregulated nature of the cleantech market, Sravan observed exorbitant prices, a lack of quality benchmarks, biased retailers, and no competitive pricing. Determined to address these issues, he gathered a group of like-minded individuals from IIT and IIM backgrounds, including corporate professionals and technical students from Mumbai and Delhi. Together, they committed to developing India's first SaaS-based AI-enabled aggregator for the entire spectrum of cleantech products and services.

Cleantech Mart, fueled by an unwavering commitment to create a better world for future generations, embarked on a journey to be a transformative force in sustainability. The platform caters to both businesses and individual consumers, aiming to provide the finest and safest environment for children while harmonizing well-being with the planet. Fostering a low carbon footprint lifestyle.

Within a few months of its launch, Cleantech Mart attracted over 1Lakh environmentally conscious consumers and companies and more than 5 million page visits. Queries from B2B customers led to the establishment of their consultancy arm, carbinnov.com, as companies sought to offset their carbon emissions. The platform features over 150 uniquely positioned categories and more than 5500 products, continually expanding to meet the needs of local customers and MSMEs. Cleantech Mart introduced a multi-language feature and Marketing as a Service, a unique offering in the e-commerce market.

With a dedicated team, Cleantech Mart stands as an emblem of sustainability, offering a wide range of products, from daily essentials to cutting-edge solar panels, all chemical-free, organic, and eco-friendly. Founder and CEO, Cdr Sravan, highlighted their team's passion for continuously seeking innovative products with low carbon footprints. Each product on the platform includes a special sustainability remark, a unique feature in any catalogue.

In the dynamic yet fragmented cleantech market, Cleantech Mart distinguishes itself through its advocacy for sustainable practices and eco-conscious products. The platform's decisions today echo as a hopeful reverberation for a greener and brighter tomorrow. Supported by institutions like IIT Bombay, Harvard Business School, Booth School of Business, VillGrow, IIT Bhubaneswar, IGKV, SSU Innovation Centre, VISA, and IKEA, Cleantech Mart received seed funding from Startup India and recently earned the prestigious Prithvi award for their work in Sustainability and ESG. They also secured the Startup India Seed Fund with the support of SSU Innovations.

As Cleantech Mart's roots deepen, their commitment to a cleaner and healthier planet remains unyielding. These pioneering startups (Cleantech Mart and Carbinnov-Carbon Innovation) by IDEALERS B2B Pvt Ltd are at the forefront of zero-carbon solutions. Join them on this transformative journey to forge an unbreakable bond for a sustainable and vibrant future.

For more details on their sustainable initiatives and products, visit:

www.cleantech-mart.com or download Cleantech Mart from Google Play store.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cleantechmart/

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WhatsApp: 7034419999

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