"Ishaara's Sign Language Saga: Influencers Hail Heartfelt Service, Flavors Beyond Words, and a Culinary Symphony"

"Ishaara's Sign Language Saga: Influencers Hail Heartfelt Service, Flavors Beyond Words, and a Culinary Symphony"

Mumbai, 6th January: Ishaara Palladium Lower Parel has become a beacon of culinary excellence, weaving enchanting tales for Mumbai's food enthusiasts. Ace journalist Rajveer Singh, engaged in heartfelt conversations with a group of culinary connoisseurs and influencers - the seasoned wisdom of Prithvish Ashar, the budding perspectives of Tasneem Shaikh and Ashita Agrawal, alongside the emerging experiences of Pratibha Bhadauria, Sonny Kaur, Neha Sanghvi, and Rajdev Aulakh - unraveling their mesmerizing encounters at Ishaara's unsaid gastronomic haven.

Prithvish Ashar, a distinguished influencer in India's culinary landscape, led the gathering effortlessly, setting the stage for an immersive dining experience where  the guests resonated deeply with Ishaara's unwavering commitment to excellence, inclusivity, and the magical convergence of culinary wonders and heartfelt connections.

Ishaara's charm transcends beyond its delectable offerings; it lies in the profound warmth and exceptional service rendered by its specially-abled staff. Their remarkable abilities resonated deeply with visitors and influencers alike, imprinting indelible memories through their genuine service and heartfelt hospitality.

Stepping into Ishaara to try their Saturday Brunch with live music was akin to embarking on a cultural voyage through India's diverse culinary heritage. From the tantalizing lamb dori kabab to Amritsari fish tikka & Beetroot Papad seekh to the soul-soothing Tandoori Brocolli  each dish was a poetic ode to tradition interwoven with innovation, inviting taste buds on a sumptuous odyssey. Rasmalai Tres Lesches was the most loved desert served.

Founder Prashant Issar's vision for Ishaara was more than gastronomy; it embodied inclusivity and heartfelt connections. He deliberately chose individuals with speech and hearing impairments for their inherent hospitality traits, creating an immersive dining experience where conversations transcended words, guided by genuine gestures and heartfelt smiles.

Tasneem Shaikh expressed her gratitude for the entire service team which led Sanjay Bora, Tarik Hossain and Mansi Desai. Special thanks to Chef Sanjay Singh who has been with Ishaara since pre opening.

At every turn within Ishaara, tales of care and thoughtfulness unfolded - personalized staff t-shirts bearing team members' names, the restaurant's logo signifying 'smile' in sign language, symbolizing joy and inclusivity.

Insights gleaned from Rajveer Singh's captivating conversations with esteemed Mumbai influencers and entrepreneurial personalities. For inquiries or comprehensive news coverage, please contact +917710030004.

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