No More Air-Filled Bags: Dibs Stacks Unveils Perfectly Packed Chips!

No More Air-Filled Bags: Dibs Stacks Unveils Perfectly Packed Chips!

Introducing "Dibs Stacks," a game-changer in India's snacking scene. Unlike traditional chip bags filled with air and broken chips, SNPL Group's innovative technology ensures that every chip is perfectly sized, seasoned, and packed without any wasted space. This means no more disappointment when you open your snack. 

Dibs Stacks comes in a variety of packaging options, from convenient on-the-go cups to eco-friendly HDPE reusable jars and paper canisters, all designed to keep the chips fresh and crunchy. With Dibs Stacks, you're getting a generous serving of chips, and it's all about the chips – no air! Say goodbye to the frustration of air-filled bags and enjoy a lip-smacking snacking experience like never before.

The snacking industry has witnessed remarkable growth in recent years, primarily driven by increasing per capita income and the dynamic preferences of India's youth, influenced by multinational brands. With these shifting demographics, the stage was set for a revolution in the snack market, and Dibs has seized the opportunity to lead the way.

"Dibs Stacks," India's first exclusive brand of fabricated potato chips, enters the market with a promise to deliver quality and taste comparable to popular imported brands like Pringles, Lays Stax, and Jackers. The chips are kept uniform and intact and contain 20% less fat than regular fried chips, making it a "healthier for you" eating option. They provide consumers with a satisfying and enjoyable snacking experience, offering multiple flavors specially made for the Indian palate, setting them apart from their foreign competitors.

Operating from a state-of-the-art facility spanning an impressive 30,000 square feet, Dibs is equipped with the latest technology to ensure the production of high-quality chips. The plant boasts an annual capacity to produce a whopping 1,500 tonnes of stackable chips, poised to meet the increasing demand in the market.

What sets Dibs apart is its unwavering commitment to quality and innovation. The company houses an ultra-modern laboratory and employs a well-trained staff, including top consultants in the industry, to ensure their products adhere to international standards. With the combined industry experience of their directors spanning over a century, Dibs is well-positioned to create brilliant products that will undoubtedly make a significant impact in the snacking world.

"Dibs Stacks" by Dibs is revolutionizing snacking with its unique and delicious experience, promising even and intact chips. Available both offline and online in 13 states through platforms like Amazon, Meesho, Jio Mart, Flipkart, and Swiggy, it's set to satisfy snack enthusiasts across India and beyond.

The future of snacking in India looks promising, and Dibs is at the forefront of this exciting journey, catering to the tastes of modern India, one chip at a time.

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