How I became a coach?

How I became a coach?

In 2008,  I went to UAE looking for a job in order to get out from my financial struggles. I didn’t have any experience but a degree in English and Education. I had no hope of getting any job but that was the only option in front of me. I didn’t believe in myself and I didn’t have any confidence at all. I was very shy, scared to speak in front of group and no self confidence at all.  But my financial situation forced me to look for a job. I sent my CV to as many companies possible. But none of them called me for an interview. With much disappointment I decided to walk into different offices to beg for a job. The only hope I had my ability to communicate in English. I walked into a Hotel apartments if they had any opening of a receptionist. The front office manager asked me a couple of questions and finally said they would give job only for those who have hotel management educational background. But since my language ability was excellent, as per the manager, they offered me the job. It was wonderful realization for me. All my perspective about myself, my confidence and my  self worth changed in a minute. I realized there is something in me to be explored. 

I worked in the hotel nearly  3 years. While working in the hotel I worked on myself too – meditation, innerworks, reading, listening to great podcasts etc. That newfound energy I used to get a better paying job. I was called for an interview in Veterinary Clinic run by a Canadian doctor. I cracked the interview effortlessly. My invincible newfound confidence helped me to get that job easily. They agreed the package I demanded. After a couple of years working there, I had an epiphany – I am qualified as an educator, I am good in teaching, so why can’t I look for the job of a teacher? I left my job in UAE. My family members, friends advised me not leave such good paying job, But I decided to leave and and went back to India. I attended an interview in a prestigious CBSE school , even though I didn’t have any teaching experience they hired me with the package I demanded. 

After a year of working there, I came back to UAE looking for a teaching position. I was hired in a school to work as a teacher. It was a wonderful experience for me. I was Master of Ceremony for many programs in the school. I was really appreciated for my effective communication and speaking skills. The package was not that much good, but still it was a decent salary. But that salary was not enough for me to bring my family to UAE. 

For me family was my priority. Living in UAE without my family was really hard for me. So I decided to quit my job. I decided if I could get a salary where I could live with my family then only I would continue in UAE or I would live the country. When I took such a firm decision the right opportunity came in front of me. I attended an interview in a prestigious school with a better package , and I was able to bring my family to UAE. I was well recognized in the school as great teacher. I was the moderator in debates, MC in different programs, quiz master and magazine editor.

When I looked back to my life I was wondering how a skinny dark, shy ,scared village kid who didn’t have any confidence or believed in himself became a teacher in a prestigious school teaching higher grades. I decided to help people who lack confidence in life, who is stuck in life, who is scared to speak in public, who is fearful to attend interviews and who is scared to stand for themselves. Then did my certification in life coaching, NLP, EFT, Reiki, Hypnosis and different modalities to help people transform their lives. Eventhough I was well respected and enjoyed teaching young minds, I realized that in order to make an impact and serve more I needed to quit my job and become fulltime in my coaching services. It was hard decision, but it was my calling. I didn’t want to limit myself. If I have some talents and skills which I acquired with lot of hard work and blessings of my masters, mentors and coaches I should use it for the benefit of humanity. Otherwise I will be more selfish by simply living in the comfort zone and serving only limited number of people.

Then I started my journey in coaching fulltime. I decided to set my own company called “Beyond Limits”. I limited myself till 2008 by believing “I am not good enough”. I was scared to talk to people, I was not able to speak in public. I was shy . I couldn’t think about attending interviews. When I realized my own power and potential which every human being possess, my life changed. I was able to face any challenge. It doesn’t mean I am superhuman. But I realized how powerful and strong I am. 

My mission is to help one million people to recognize their own potential. My Vision is to make “Beyond Limits” a global brand where people can learn the skill of becoming authentic confident. Because authentic confidence is a real game changer. It is the most powerful quality one can ever have to become the best version of themselves.

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