RX 699 Series - Building the Future of Web 3.0 Mobile Gaming with A Real Meta-Verse Connection

RX 699 Series - Building the Future of Web 3.0 Mobile Gaming with A Real Meta-Verse Connection

Gaming, a multibillion dollar industry, is rediscovering itself with the advent of blockchain and NFTs. The gaming industry is currently branching out with the introduction of Play to Earn games followed by Plan AND Earn Games. This was fuelled by Axie Infinity, a play to earn game which reached 4 Billion in NFT trading volume in Feb 2022. However failed to maintain the same due to lack of sustainable economy and a fun game play. Anand, 40, CEO - Meta Lab Technologies, a technopreneur by heart lives in Dubai and Chennai and has been developing RX 669 Series, a Play and Earn AA Mobile Game with a Real Meta-verse connection. A software engineer by graduation, Anand has been developing products for the metaverse through immersive technologies for almost a decade. Previously, he was the creative director of TV shows and movies, as well as the director of a 3D animation studio that he built from 5 employees to 60 employees. He has also worked on a few regional movies as a screenwriter. Anand states that the recent developments in the virtual world, Facebook made it easy for him to explain to his family and friends what he does for a living because he recalls their clueless expressions whenever they saw him wearing virtual reality headsets for hours, making weird gestures testing augmented reality applications or talking to 3d AI chat-bots. The number 669 was chosen in honour of Sir Nicholas Winton, a famous stockbroker who organized trains out of Prague to secure the safe passage of 669 Jewish children from Czechoslovakia to England at the dawn of World War II. The game, RX 669 Series promises its users to see through the eyes of their NFT Character, a mind-bending world where they race, explore, shoot or role-play the character the gamers choose and simultaneously earn while they play. Anand, the creator behind the Game Series, believes that web 3.0 games should be fun, and mobile ones will be the first to take off. In addition, he believes that it should have a real-world application and a sustainable economy in order to be successful. With numerous oculus - virtual reality and augmented reality applications successfully developed for service sectors, Anand has also developed web augmented reality campaigns for international brands. His expertise extends to research and planning, competitive analysis and unique propositions, product and creative tech strategy, pipeline setup and management, and digital marketing and go-to-market strategies. The VR Arcade games he spearheaded has been successfully installed in more than 16 malls across Asia in partnership with Fun-City and rapidly expanding. Further, he has contributed and created more than three hundred minutes of interactive content for virtual reality and augmented reality, as well as prototypes and products for enterprises. With a sustainable real world economy, he aims to create highly entertaining and addictive web 3.0 games. The recent launch of his AA web 3.0 game RX Series Twitter account has already generated positive feedback and buzz for the use of storytelling in NFT marketing For more information, please visit: https://mobile.twitter.com/RX669series https://www.linkedin.com/in/diplomatatmetaverse/ mail id – anand@metalabtech.in

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