Dandiya Dance: Upholding Pluralistic Culture Of Bengal

Dandiya Dance: Upholding Pluralistic Culture Of Bengal

The Garba and Dandia function was creatively hosted by the Indian Pluralism Foundation, Matri Mandir and International Interfaith Service Initiative youth peacebuilders on the auspicious occasion of Suhbho Durga Panchami at Matri Mandir, Kolkata, West Bengal on Friday 30 Sep 2022. In the evening, people of every culture and civilization participated in the Dandiya/Garba dance festival, celebrating it colourfully. Young children performed traditional cultural dances and songs. The program had a distinct charm of Dhakia as the melodious and harmonious melodies of Dhak enthralled everyone, which is a dazzling and delightful feature during Durga Puja, Dhak symbolizes the rich and bright aspect of Bengali culture. Indian Pluralism Foundation and International Interfaith Service Initiative Youth Peacebuilders were warmly welcomed and felicitated by members of the Hindu community at the prestigious Matri Mandir. They are grateful to Dipankar Basu and Sarmistha Basu as well as all the entire management committee of Matri Mandir for their peace building outreach efforts as well as providing young peacebuilders a voice through this intercultural program.
The Indian Pluralism Foundation has been established to promote harmony, knowledge, garner mutual understanding and mutual trust amongst the diverse religious and spiritual communities of the world and it has always been their endeavor to maintain goodwill amongst each of the communities as it considers its moral responsibility. In order to promote peace in our societies, it is necessary to conduct such intercultural cultural programs to encourage people to mingle with each other keeping the feeling of discrimination away whilst learning about each other’s cultural traditions. The Indian Pluralism Foundation is a youth-oriented organization with the International Interfaith Service Initiative as its youth wing. The Indian Pluralism Foundation's mission statement is that "Young minds hold great power to transform this world into a better place." youth leaders who work towards enhancing religious understanding and promoting peaceful coexistence, nurturing human beings as members of a human family, appreciating their commonalities & accepting their differences & being affectionate towards everyone. Indian Pluralism Foundation follows the respected principle of “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” The Indian Pluralism Foundation strives to foster an ecosystem of appreciation, acceptance & affection among all people regardless of faith or culture and is committed to "liviing our faiths through service" to help those in need. According to them we are all brothers and sisters in the family of humanity. Facebook = https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100080416724081 Instagram = https://www.instagram.com/invites/contact/?i=1q86dk8io3yhg&utm_content=m7pn75y

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