Maulesh Bhai Ukani, a Gujarati businessman who made a world record on his birthday.

Maulesh Bhai Ukani, a Gujarati businessman who made a world record on his birthday.

These days birthday celebrations means a grand affair with people preferring to splurge on drinks, food and gifts of all kinds. But an interesting exception has come to light from Gujarat where a Rajkot-based Businessman not only ditched a lavish celebration on his birthday but he also made sure that the day went down as one in the history. Maulesh Bhai Ukani, founder of Ban Labs, an Ayurveda-based company celebrated his 60th birthday on Sunday last week but in a very novel style. The Sarva Dharm Sambhav Samiti organised a massive blood donation camp to celebrate the birthday Shri Maulesh Ukani. The event saw participation from more than 3000 donors putting total collection of blood at around 10 lakh millilitres. 

What led to the creation of a world record was the fact that the blood that was donated was exactly six times the body weight of Maulesh Bhai Ukani. This feat is making news headlines all across the Gujarati media for the sheer volume of blood that was collected in a donation drive. This is no small achievement by any manner as more than 70 organisations were pressed into this effort with various NGOs across Rajkot coming together for the task. The donation event was interestingly titled as ‘Vishwabandhu Mega Blood Donation Camp’ in a tribute to Vasudhaiv Kutumbkam, which is also the theme of India’s G20 presidency. In a true spirit of ‘world is one family’, people from more than 40 communities contributed to making this donation drive a success. As a result, people of Rajkot and the main organiser of the event, Sarva Dharm Sambhav Samiti has earned a coveted place in the Golden Book of World Records.

Although, Maulesh Bhai is not someone new to world records. His feat of donating blood around 60 times in the past decades has etched his name in the Guinness Book of World Records. He is also well-known across Gujarat for his charity works. He regularly contributes to the cause of women empowerment as well as public service infrastructure leading him to win more than 85 awards internationally and nationally. He had also made national headlines during the Covid-19 pandemic when his company had donated more than 92 lakh tablets of ayurvedic medicine for free. His dedication to the welfare of society can be gauged from the fact that he runs more than five institutions across Gujarat which provides free-of-cost education to underprivileged students especially the girl child. 

He has been felicitated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his days as Gujarat Chief Minister for his contribution to the people of Gujarat. Not just this, he also has the distinction of being the highest tax payer with around ₹257 crore advanced tax paid in a financial year. Maulesh Bhai’s business endeavours are also as nobel. His company which is owner of the popular Sesa Hair Oil is known for its breakthrough scientific achievements in the field of Ayurveda. It has registered for more than 5 patents for their innovations in 2001, marking the first time something like this took place in research and development in Ayurveda sector.

Maulesh Bhai’s charity work is well-acknowledged in Gujarat with tales of his large-heartedness and devotion for the societal causes reaching even the political circles. As a result, Gujarat State BJP President CR Patil made a very public offer to Ukani to join politics. Patil offered him to contest the 2024 Lok Sabha elections but Maulesh Bhai straight away refused. He said that he doesn’t want to go to Delhi or Gandhinagar but only Dwarkadheesh Dham in the service of Lord Krishna. Ukani’s self-less service for the society without any expectation in return must serve as a huge inspiration to the entire business community. It is very rare to find someone like him whose only motto in life is to make the lives of others better.

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