"Maharashtra Excellence Award 2023: Recognizing Innovation, Dedication, and Achievement Across Varied Sectors"

"Maharashtra Excellence Award 2023: Recognizing Innovation, Dedication, and Achievement Across Varied Sectors"

Mumbai, September 30, 2023 – The Maharashtra Excellence Award 2023, a prestigious event co-hosted by Human Rights Mirror and Vishwa Medical Admission Point, unfolded in grandeur at the splendid Courtyard by Marriott in Navi Mumbai. The evening paid tribute to luminaries from diverse fields who have left an indelible mark on Maharashtra through their remarkable contributions.

Human Rights Mirror, a renowned print media outlet celebrated for its responsible journalism since 2014, played a pivotal role as one of the event's organizers. Adapting to the digital age, the publication launched a web portal and YouTube channel, ensuring that accurate and verified news continued to reach its wide readership.

Vishwa Medical Admission Point, with a remarkable 24-year history in medical education, has guided countless students towards realizing their dreams of becoming doctors. Their esteemed partnerships with universities have opened doors for aspiring medical professionals in India and abroad.

This splendid event was managed by Harmeet Singh Gupta CEO U & I Entertainment & made possible through the generous sponsorship of LK Builder and DDSR GROUP, alongside esteemed co-sponsors Equence Technology Pvt Ltd, Sweemwel Pools India Pvt. Ltd., Beautifull Cosmetics, and Seven PM Health Care, reflecting the collaborative spirit of the Maharashtra business community.

Atharva and Talao Resort, as special partners, played pivotal roles in ensuring the event's resounding success, emphasizing the importance of unity and teamwork in achieving excellence.

The star-studded evening was graced by esteemed actresses Ameesha Patel, the Guest of Honour, and Roshni Kapoor, who added elegance and charm to the celebration of excellence in Maharashtra. .

The event celebrated outstanding achievements across various sectors, including business, entrepreneurship, arts, jewelry, real estate, education, healthcare, wellness, and more. Each awardee epitomized the spirit of innovation and dedication, serving as a source of inspiration to others on their remarkable journeys.

For those aspiring to attain this prestigious recognition in the future, nominations are currently open. Businesses can nominate themselves through the Google Form available on the official website, along with the necessary nomination fees.

To discover more about the awardees, please visit http://humanrightmirror.com.

The Maharashtra Excellence Award 2023 stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of achievement, dedication, and innovation thriving in Maharashtra. It has united the finest minds and talents to celebrate excellence within the state, fostering inspiration and aspiration for generations to come.

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