Renowned Navi Mumbai Restaurant, Shikara, Attracts Acclaim as Gorgeous Gadar 2 girl Simrit Kaur Randhawa Dines

Renowned Navi Mumbai Restaurant, Shikara, Attracts Acclaim as Gorgeous Gadar 2 girl Simrit Kaur Randhawa Dines


Sept 8, 2023 Mumbai -  Shikara Restaurant, located in the vibrant locality of Sanpada, Vashi, has gained widespread acclaim for its exceptional North Indian and Chinese culinary offerings, combined with an opulent ambiance. This renowned dining establishment has recently welcomed esteemed guests, including the celebrated actress Simrit Kaur Randhawa. 

Simrit Kaur Randhawa, known for her notable acting career, recently graced the renowned Shikara Restaurant with her presence along with Sanjeev Kumar CEO SK Builders & Harmeet Singh Gupta CEO U and I entertainment. This visit came on the heels of her successful appearance at  "Kathaa Fine Jewels," an event hosted by celebrity designer Archana Kochhar in Navi Mumbai. Her choice to dine at Shikara Restaurant further adds to the restaurant's reputation as a preferred destination for connoisseurs of fine cuisine.

Simrit Kaur Randhawa's illustrious career spans acting and music. Her acting journey began with her debut in Rishi's Telugu romantic drama film "Prematho Mee Karthik" in 2017, where she starred alongside Kartikeya Gummakonda. Subsequently, she showcased her talent in productions such as "Parichayam" and "Soni." She also made a mark in the Telugu romantic thriller "Dirty Hari," starring alongside Shravan Reddy.

Shikara Restaurant has earned its reputation for culinary excellence. It boasts a meticulously crafted monsoon menu, thoughtfully designed to showcase the diverse flavors and distinctive spices synonymous with North Indian cuisine. Under the guidance of culinary experts Mr. Ashok Mehra and Mr. Vishal Mehra, the menu caters to both vegetarian and non-vegetarian preferences.

Guests at Shikara can indulge in mouthwatering starters like seekh kebabs, flavorful paneer tikka, and tender chicken kebabs marinated in fragrant spices. The main course features signature creations like Rogan Josh, a timeless lamb curry infused with Kashmiri spices, and Dum Aloo, featuring baby potatoes in a creamy tomato-based gravy.

An Opulent Dining Experience - Upon entering Shikara Restaurant, patrons are greeted by an atmosphere of sophistication and warmth, reminiscent of the cultural grandeur of Kashmir. The interior is adorned with intricately carved wooden furnishings, live melodic tunes, and captivating artwork, creating an immersive and visually captivating dining experience.

Complementing the Feast - To complement the lavish feast, Shikara Restaurant offers a meticulously curated selection of beverages. Additionally, the restaurant presents an array of delectable desserts, including the iconic Phirni, a velvety rice pudding, and the indulgent gulab jamun with rabdi, providing a gratifying conclusion to the culinary journey.

Impeccable Service and Memorable Experiences - The attentive and affable staff at Shikara Restaurant ensure that each visit becomes a memorable experience, offering impeccable service and tailored recommendations to enhance the overall dining journey.

Disclaimer: The information in this news article is based on insights shared by Rajveer Singh (RV). For comprehensive news coverage and inquiries, please contact +917710030004.

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