Shikara Restaurant in Navi Mumbai Becomes Top Choice for North Indian Cuisine & Vibrant Ambience, Highly recommended by Renowned Food Bloggers and Entrepreneurs.

Shikara Restaurant in Navi Mumbai Becomes Top Choice for North Indian Cuisine & Vibrant Ambience, Highly recommended by Renowned Food Bloggers and Entrepreneurs.

 15th July, Shikara Restaurant, situated in the vibrant city of Navi Mumbai, has recently garnered significant attention and acclaim as the ultimate dining destination for North Indian cuisine. Renowned bloggers and entrepreneurs conducted a comprehensive survey, which revealed that Shikara Restaurant has emerged as the top choice among families and corporate groups seeking an extraordinary culinary experience.

In an exclusive interview with TimesNowBusiness.com, Rajveer Singh engaged in conversations with highly respected bloggers, including Priyanka D Ajgaonkar, Mayura Jain, Namrata Punjabi, Gursevak Singh Anand, and several others. These influential individuals unanimously expressed their deep satisfaction and admiration for Shikara Restaurant's special monsoon menu. They praised the establishment for its unwavering commitment to authenticity and its use of premium quality ingredients, establishing it as a culinary gem that tantalizes diners with the tantalizing flavors of North Indian and Chinese cuisine.

Shikara Restaurant has become widely acclaimed not only for its exquisite North Indian and Chinese delicacies but also for its captivating ambiance, which provides guests with a luxurious dining experience at surprisingly affordable prices. Stepping foot into Shikara Restaurant is akin to immersing oneself in an enchanting atmosphere that beautifully showcases the cultural richness of Kashmir. The interior is adorned with tastefully crafted traditional Kashmiri decor, featuring intricately carved wooden furnishings, live music performances, and captivating artwork, all of which contribute to an immersive and visually pleasing dining experience.

At the heart of Shikara Restaurant's accolades lies its meticulously curated monsoon menu, thoughtfully designed to highlight the diverse flavors and distinctive spices that define North Indian cuisine. Under the guidance of the restaurant's managing director, Mr. Ashok Mehra, and director, Mr. Vishal Mehra, experienced chefs hailing from the valley itself employ traditional cooking techniques and source the freshest ingredients to ensure an unforgettable gastronomic journey.

Shikara Restaurant's menu boasts an extensive array of delectable options that cater to both vegetarian and non-vegetarian preferences. Patrons can delight in a wide selection of mouthwatering starters, including succulent seekh kebabs, flavorful paneer tikka, and tender chicken kebabs marinated in aromatic spices. Vegetarian enthusiasts are not left behind, as they can relish enticing appetizers such as paneer tikka and veg crispy, catering to even the most discerning palates.

For the main course, Shikara Restaurant takes immense pride in its signature dishes. Connoisseurs of meat can revel in the perfectly cooked Rogan Josh, a traditional lamb curry infused with an authentic blend of Kashmiri spices. Vegetarians, on the other hand, can indulge in the sham sawera, a sumptuous dish featuring cheese-stuffed koftas simmered in a rich and creamy tomato-based gravy, meticulously flavored with Kashmiri spices.

A standout highlight of the menu is the tandoori platter, an exquisite assortment of culinary treasures that showcases the finest flavors and time-honored traditions of North Indian cuisine. This grand feast includes aromatic biryanis, succulent meat curries, and fragrant saffron rice, taking diners on an extraordinary gastronomic adventure.

To complement the delectable meal, Shikara Restaurant offers a carefully curated beverage selection, allowing guests to choose the perfect accompaniment to their dining experience. Additionally, a delightful array of desserts awaits patrons, including the iconic Phirni, a creamy rice pudding, and the indulgent gulab jamun with rabdi, serving as a satisfying conclusion to the culinary journey.

The attentive and amiable staff at Shikara Restaurant go above and beyond to ensure that each visit is memorable. With impeccable service and personalized recommendations, they enhance the overall dining experience for guests, leaving a lasting impression. Shikara Restaurant has truly established itself as the epitome of excellence in North Indian cuisine in Navi Mumbai, captivating the palates of patrons and receiving resounding praise from influential bloggers and entrepreneurs.

Disclaimer - This news is based upon the views of Mumbai's Prominent food bloggers & Navi Mumbai based entrepreneurs conversation with Rajveer Singh (RV). For news coverage reach out at +917710030004

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