From Dreams to Reality: The Journey of a Middle-Class Girl to Doctor, Author, Investor, and Businessperson

From Dreams to Reality: The Journey of a Middle-Class Girl to Doctor, Author, Investor, and Businessperson


Life is to learn and live thats why whatever is happening , happening to make you a winner.

From a young age, Dr Preeti possessed an unwavering determination to create a positive impact on the world, despite the obstacles that lay in her path. Her journey to success has been marked by resilience, hard work, and an unshakeable belief in herself.

Dr Preeti’s passion for medicine ignited during her formative years. Growing up, she witnessed her community's healthcare challenges and felt a deep desire to make a difference. Inspired by the doctors who worked tirelessly to heal and alleviate suffering, Dr Preeti set her sights on becoming a physician.

With limited financial resources, Dr Preeti’s parents supported her dreams wholeheartedly. They encouraged her to pursue scholarships and grants, and Dr Preeti’s relentless efforts paid off. She secured a seat in a renowned goverenment medical school, where she embarked on her journey to become a doctor.

Throughout her medical studies, Dr Preeti’s commitment to excellence and compassion for her patients shone brightly. She excelled academically, immersing herself in clinical rotations and research opportunities. Dr Preeti’s dedication and empathy earned her the respect and admiration of her mentors and peers.

While building her career, she also embarked on a personal journey. She met her life partner, a supportive and ambitious individual who shared her passion for making a difference. Together, they built a loving family and became parents to two beautiful children

However, Dr Preeti’s journey took a turn when she became a mother. Balancing the responsibilities of motherhood with her medical career was no small feat. Determined not to sacrifice her dreams, Dr Preeti found the strength to overcome these challenges. With the support of her loved ones and an unwavering determination, she continued to pursue her passion for medicine while embracing her newfound role as a mother.

She began to explore opportunities beyond medicine. She recognized the potential to impact lives on a larger scale through entrepreneurship. The journey of entrepreneurship presented her with a new set of challenges. She faced financial hurdles, encountered setbacks, and navigated the complexities of building a business.

 Yet, armed with her resilience and unwavering determination, she weathered the storm and forged ahead. She assembled a team of talented individuals who shared her vision, and together they worked tirelessly to build a network and became a successful entrepreneur.

While learning a lot in life she started writing and explored one more dimension of herself. She published her first book “POLISH UR DIAMOND”.

Now her 3 books are on the market giving help to many people in exploring life.

She embraced the multifaceted roles of doctor, author, entrepreneur, and mother. With grace and determination, she balanced her professional and personal responsibilities. Dr Preeti became a shining example of what it meant to be a full-time earning mother, defying societal expectations and proving that women could excel in multiple domains simultaneously.

As a full-time earning mother, Dr Preeti faced the challenge of balancing her professional and personal responsibilities. However, she refused to let societal expectations limit her potential. She became an advocate for working mothers, championing flexible work arrangements and promoting gender equality in the workplace.

Coming from a middle-class family, money is always a centre to manage and while her journey she learned a lot about it and started sharing with colleagues and helping them to endure their life in terms of money in a much better way.She shares this skill with people who are serious to make changes in the finances of their life, by her courses.

Her story became an inspiration to countless individuals worldwide. People looked up to her as a role model—a symbol of what could be achieved with determination, hard work, and a burning desire to create a positive impact. 

Dr Preeti’s influence extended beyond her immediate sphere, touching lives and fostering a community of dreamers and achievers.

Today, Dr Preeti continues to balance her roles as a doctor, author, entrepreneur, investor, and full-time earning mother. Her impact is felt not only in the lives she directly touches but also in the ripple effect of her work. Dr Preeti’s success story serves as a reminder that dreams can be turned into reality, regardless of one's background, and that one person's determination can transform the lives of millions.

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