Reap the Rewards of Investing with Naveen Khairwal, India's Top Stock Market Trader!

Reap the Rewards of Investing with Naveen Khairwal, India's Top Stock Market Trader!

Naveen Khairwal is a stock market trader and investor and also the founder of 'TradEdge'. You can visit his YouTube channel and Instagram channel to know more about him. He started his trading journey in the stock market in April 2020 during the Corona Pandemic, at that time he was pursuing engineering from IIIT Surat. Since he was new to the market and his knowledge about trading was nil, he started watching some YouTube videos about the stock market and borrowed money from his father to invest in the stock market. In the first 3 months he lost 50% of his capital in intraday trading, which was borrowed from his father for investment purposes. After facing lots of losses he started blaming the market and thought that trading is a gambling and those who are lucky make money in the stock market but he was 100% wrong because trading is pure business not gambling. With a lot of dedication, he started trading again taking more risk so that he could recover his losses faster but ended up losing more. He became depressed, lonely and was thinking of quitting trading. But since childhood he had big dreams and goals for himself so he decided that he will not give up until he wins. After struggling for 3 years in the stock market, he finally became a successful stock market trader and he has acquired the NISM (National Institute of Securities Market) certificate in derivatives market. The journey he traveled is almost similar to every new trader who enters the stock market and if someone who is already trading in the market can understand his journey very well.

Naveen Khairwal says that "Remember one thing that nothing comes free in this world, you have to pay the price but in my case the price was not in the form of money but it was in the form of hard work, time, failure, loss etc." Naveen Khairwal learned stock market trading from the internet, youtube, books and from his own mistakes. He created his own trading journal which helped him track his performance.

Naveen Khairwal says that people need to know this before starting trading. Becoming a trader is very easy. You just have to open your demat account with any broker and start trading but believe me becoming a successful profitable trader is one of the toughest tasks in the world. Out of 100% people, only 5% are profitable traders, the rest 95% people make loss in the stock market. This happens because of the following reasons: Trading without knowledge, no proper trading strategy, not following trading process, no risk management, Trading with emotions like greed, fear of losing money, hope etc. 

Naveen Khairwal started TradEdge (Trading with Edge) to solve all your trading problems and assist you in your trading journey. By joining the TradEdge course, you will learn how to make profits in the stock market and develop a trading strategy that best suits your personality. All the topics important in trading are included in their trading course. He will guide you and share his trading experiences. TradEdge will make sure that you get into the 5% club who are profitable traders in the market. TradEdge course is for everyone whether you are a beginner or someone who is already in the Indian stock market but facing problems in becoming profitable. After completing the course you will be added to the WhatsApp community group where you can ask your doubts for a lifetime. TradEdge curriculum includes the following topics: Basics of stock market, Price action, Indicators, Intraday stock selection, Swing trading, Risk management, Derivatives market, Future & option trading, Nifty & Banknifty option trading, Option chain analysis, Different types of option strategies, Trading psychology etc. Those who want to become a successful trader of the stock market must indulge in TradEdge course and make themselves capable to make money in stock market.

Instagram channel : https://www.instagram.com/Trad.Edge/

Youtube channel : https://youtube.com/@tradedge6291

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