Parenting advice: Why should we begin parent counselling, and when should we begin?- Dr.Pratik Mungekar

Parenting advice: Why should we begin parent counselling, and when should we begin?- Dr.Pratik Mungekar

The annual cultural function of New Pune Public School was held with enthusiasm recently. Scientist, Author Prof.Dr.Pratik Rajan Mungekar as chief guest of the program. Actor Yogesh Kulkarni Chinchwad Education Society President Prakash Khandare, Secretary Pradeep Khandare, Amrita Khandare, Principal Suhas Tohgaonkar, Balwadkar, Brider Minds Director Surbhi Sahai was present.

On this occasion, Dr.Pratik expressed his thoughts on Parent Counseling & address the gathering. More than 1200 parents and pupils were present.

In his address Dr.Pratik says:

When it comes to their child's career, their parents as well as the youngsters require advice. But at what point should one begin parent counselling? Is there a particular age at which parents should look for job advice for their kids? Is parental counselling by a professional really necessary?

A well-planned career path is essential to achieving your goals. As in life, parents play an important role in determining career paths. So, of course, it makes sense that parents need guidance as well as children when it comes to their child's career. The world is changing rapidly, and globalization and digitization are exposing children to more than they can possibly comprehend or even fully comprehend.

Easy access to information is causing confusion, disorientation, and self-erosion in children, who spend far more time with their peers than adults, and distorts the information they process. Is there a specific age at which parents seek career guidance for their children? Advice: "It's never too early to start. Career guidance and career advice for children is available to parents, even at preschool age. The sooner you start, the better you'll follow your child's career path." Plus, with the increasing competition among academics these days, getting professional career advice from industry veterans is essential.”

But why consider professional parenting counseling? Is it really necessary? 

Dr.Pratik says: This is especially true when your child enters middle school or high school. Conflicts arise during this period, and misunderstandings about career choices often arise between children and parents. Counseling acts as a bridge between parents and children, helping them find and develop a fulfilling and interesting career path. Our team of experts considers not only your academic background but also your student's personal profile when choosing the degree program that is best for you, so parents and children are on the same page when choosing a career. is important. Therefore, parents should consider counseling as soon as possible to help create a rich and fulfilling career path for their children.

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