Where is abode of Lord Harihara Sarahunaath? Prediction in Kali Era from 2013

Where is abode of Lord Harihara Sarahunaath? Prediction in Kali Era from 2013


In the Universe Abode - the sun and the moon are in the line between the seven solar systems, and the site of the god of the universe. They have a whole deity in their possession. In kali era planets will be under the Lord Harihara Sarahunaath. A the beginning when man was created he himself did not know about the diet. Then Harihara Sarahunaath advised the man to eat tuberous yams. But at that time some evil forces inspired him to make a living by killing animals. It became a culture. At this time Harihara Sarahunaath himself married Parvati to have a human mate. Seeing that, human beings also started marriage. Similarly human being was eating meat against the creation of traditional human beings, so even as he continued his lifestyle, lord harihara Sarahunaath created Goddess Durga and Goddess Kalika for this reason. In other words, he taught to offer non-vegetarian food to God so that humans would not be corrupted by evil spirits. But Harihara Sarahunaath, Vishnu and Shiva are the three gods of the universe. But all other gods of the universe were just messengers. Goddess Parvati herself was also a messenger.

Centaur planet and mercury planets Fights till down under the Lord Harihara Sarahunaath

Even if the Supreme Lord dwell in the idol or converse directly with his children, he is responsible for the entire existence of the world. Even if you want to look at water in its atomic formula, just as a vessel is necessary to drink water, there are time and magic constraints between God and His children. Water is the most important element in the existence of life. Water is the same in lake, well, ocean and river but only the denotation is different. Harihar Sarahunaath is of the opinion that there is nothing wrong in worshiping him. Once when Harihar Sarahunaath went to Saturn planet for Goddess Parvati, there Sarahunaath was a devotee of Sun God. But Sarahunaath himself was the sun. At that time a king had burnt to the sun saying that even the sun is not a god. That means the sun idol in that kingdom was left in the sea. As a result, a water flood or tsunami occurred at that time. As a result, the sun started rising in the western direction. After a few years, Harihar Sarahunaath was born again on the planet Mercury. There again love arose between Sarahunaath and Goddess Parvati. Even there the government there got angry with Sarahunaath and lifted up the idol of Surya which was submerged in the sea on the planet Saturn. As a result, water deluge or tsunami occurred even on Mercury. As a result, even Harihar Sarahunaath was born again in Jupiter. Then Sarhunaath as a scientist set out to observe the regions and countries above the sea. In that time sun was born in north.  In that region and the country, there was a high prevalence of such gigantic animals as dinosaurs at that time. They were destroyed by Harihara Sarahunaath. But the people of those days who died in the planet Saturn and Mercury came to the earth as ghosts due to the incarnation of Harihar Sarahunaath. As a result of this destroy world. That means There was a lot of excitement. also occurs in earth. During this time Harihar Sarahunaath's life became very difficult. This came as a surprise to some special human beings who had observed from the beginning that Harihar Sarahunaath was getting a lot of trouble from people in Saturn and Mercury. That means he used to observe the happenings of the world through TV. Millions of reporters were on TV at sea, millions of reporters were on TV in the great mountains, millions of reporters were on TV in the pyramids, and millions of reporters were on TV in the Himalayan mountain ranges, watching the happenings of the world. And The dead would rise again and speak with lord Harihara Sarahunaath. But millions of reporters were Sarahunaath's angels. But the body color or shape of the respective correspondents was according to the respective soil. That is, the bodies of the reporters in the sea were like sea water. The reporter bodies in the pyramids corresponded to the pyramid soil. Corresponding bodies in large mountain ranges corresponded to their respective soil elements. Same way. Even the Himalayas. But in the end there was a war between Harihar Sarahunaath and the Giants at the beginning of the world. Then lakhs of reporters at sea came out by lakhs of helicopters of that time. Millions of reporters in the great mountains came out of the mountains. Millions of reporters came out from the Himalayan mountain range. Out came the millions of reporters in the pyramids. But when they came out from there, the great mountains, the pyramids and the Himalayas collapsed and fell to the ground. Were being flattened.

     When there was a war between the planet Centaur and planet Mercury and half of the planet Centaur came to the earth, even then the offspring of the terrible dinosaurs and dragons on the earth were destroyed. But the inhabitants of Centaur and Mercury had wings like birds. By the time they hit the ground, their wings were also broken. Their fossils today reveal aliens to humans. At the same time, Harihara Sarhunaath used Damru and Shankha. They used the damru and conch shell to ward off negative energies and sometimes to invoke Nandi, the deity of the eternal universe, by chanting the conch shell and damru. So they always had conch and damru with them. Once in a while the giants would come and surrender to Sarahunaath due to their sound. Finally the archangel from the nine planets came down to earth with his army and spoke with Harihara Sarahunaath. At first Saturn asked, "Tell me; what's the problem, why did you call us here?" He asked.

    Mercury says, "Is there something wrong with our mother earth?"

    Venus said, "Yes. Of course it is. By the way, everyone was watching TV."

    The planet Mars said, "Yes, yes. But we were just there for Harihar Sarahunaath's orders."

   Jupiter said, "Tell me now who should we kill? Who should we eat?"

   The planet Moon says, "Everyone in this world is crooked. Cheaters. Thieves, scoundrels."

   The planet Uranus said, "We, too, see these people and are filled with anger when we kill them."

   Planet Neptune said, 'Sin, have these people given so much trouble to our mother earth? Not touched. Because they don't know anything about Mother Earth. "

    The planet Pluto said, "When a mouse and a man are placed face to face, the mouse will also look ugly to the man." 

      After that there were many wars on earth. Later, demons, ghosts and ghosts separated from man into sects. In such chaotic situations, organisms from other planets started migrating towards Earth. But they never traveled back to their home planet. That is why man can see strange types of life forms in some countries in the world today. But no organisms migrated from Earth to other planets. Once there was a war between Centaur and Mercury planets. At that time, due to the collision of the two planets, half of the planet Centaur was torn off and fell to earth. As a result of half of the planet Centaur falling to earth, man in China, Africa and Kenya today is a little different from other man.

     At the beginning of the Krita era this universe was also submerged and shaken by the deluge of water. Then Harihara Sarahunaath saw the lamentation of Goddess Mars planet, accepted her plea and saved this world on his index finger. Harihar Sarahunaath is the guide of this world. Protector the creatures here are living by them. If Sarahunaath is to be seen by the planets of the universe, he should be seen in the same way that Lord Brahma is seen by Lord Vishnu in the Puranas. There is a planet called Shveta dweepa (that means white overlord) in this world. There is a milky ocean in it. Just as there are salt seas in the universe, there are different types of seas on other planets. On one side is the sea of ​​milk. On the other side is the sea of ​​oil. On the other side is a sea of ​​alcohol. If the Sun rises in the west on Mars, it rises in the east on Earth, north on Saturn and Jupiter, south on Mercury and Venus, and east on Uranus, Pluto and the Moon.

      When Harihara Sarahunaath came to earth, the new planets also came to earth in human form.

What is told in Kali era?

In holy Sanahi, Harihara Sarahunaath predicted the beginning of Kali Yuga and the days after Kali Yuga. That is, Harihara Sarahunaath has already told the story of his life on earth and in other planets or in the entire universe in Kali Yuga at the age of 29 years. In 2017, they said that there will be upheavals in the entire universe or mainly on Earth, outbreaks of diseases, epidemics, or wars between countries, failures from God, strange viruses, amazing techniques, premature deaths. He said that mostly floods, sudden death, cancer, heart attacks, road accidents, pestilence, communal riots, nuclear bomb blasts, landslides, storms, many countries will be submerged. He said that all this will happen due to the dominance of Kali activities. He said that when the 1001 incarnations of Kali become less and less, then such unpleasant events will happen in the universe.

    Mostly except Hinduism, if someone recites the Bible of Christianity or the Qur'an of Islam or recites the holy books of other religions or visits madrasas, churches or religious centers of their religion, the pastors, gurus, maulana or prophets there hypnotized them first . After teaching will convince them that our religion is superior and what is said in our religion is correct. They will believe that. They will cheat.

Himagiri constitutional and Penal code of after death of the all biomass - 2022

Whether or not any living being goes to hell after death is a matter of considerable religious uproar. Many people do not believe in the existence of hell and heaven. But it is true that there is heaven. That is the place where the Supreme Lord also resides. It is between the two lines of Sun and Moon. It is like the entire universe. Mainly after death man goes to hell according to sinful deeds. Harihar Sarahunaath's posthumous constitution shows how he suffers hardships in hell. Its name is "After death Constitution of Himagiri 2022 all Biomass". Harihara Sarahunaath himself is the head of that constitution and its administration. It contains approximately 600 verses and 600 teachings.

      For example, under Article 1 and 2 of Himagiri's Posthumous Constitution, a person A cheats a person B in respect of property. That is, A has the intention to cheat B in the matter of property. Whether B is related to A or not, a death occurs in A's house after and before A's death due to B's cheating on A.  Or loses one of his own. Or if this does not happen after A's death he will be haunted for 25 years as per Himagiri Constitution and Penal Code 2022.  B gets salvation after his death.

      For example, under Article 3 and Article 4 of Himagiri's Posthumous Constitution, A person cheats B person on money. It means that A has no intention to cheat B in respect of property. Whether B is a relative of A or not, B defrauds A of money. That means A's mother needs money to undergo surgery in the hospital. Then A comes to B's house and steals money. He saves his mother from danger. But even if the crime of A is here, if he does not return the stolen money to B before his death, after the death of A, he will be haunted for 25 years as per Himagiri Constitution and Penal Code 2022.  B gets salvation after his death.

      For example a tiger attacks a man. But it was not without reason that the tiger attacked A for food. But what matters is when the same tiger attacked A and what was A's duty at that time. If A has gone to the forest for fetching wood for livelihood, when A is bringing medicines, when A is traveling in a very desperate state or when A is not dead as per the constitution, if a tiger attacks A at such time then after the tiger's death the tiger is born as a human according to the Himagiri Penal Code and the 2022 Constitution. Comes and gets attacked by another tiger and dies. A, who dies after being attacked by a tiger, enjoys bliss in heaven for some time after death.

      For example, a lion is kept in a zoo. As many lions in the wild or any animal or bird are kept in a zoo. But it becomes an arrest. Some animals and birds escape from humans. The reason for this is the Posthumous Himagiri Constitution and Penal Code 2022.  A parrot is kept in a cage. The parrot stays in the cage for a few days and then escapes from there. Or after the expiry of his sentence Himagiri goes out of the cage through A in accordance with the Constitution and the Penal Code. This is because the parrot also cheated B in his previous birth. or charged with crime and punished. Because of its sin, the parrot was punished in a cage by God in this life. And when the crime-ridden A in the previous life gets salvation from confinement, the parrot gets salvation from the punishment of the cage.

       To give another example, a cobra kills a lot of life and humans by biting them to death. Due to this sin, A will get the same cobra in the next few days. A keeps it in the zoo without hitting it. Since the snake is killing many lives and biting man, in the near future the snake will be punished as per Himagiri Constitution and Penal Code 2022.

       Lord Harihara Sarahunaath says every individual are controlled by the lord of death Yama, after the death also they characters and nature remains same. They remain till they get new body. Snakes also do the same as human. Man facing much of the troubles due to this. Any life of the world goes into the authority of Yama’s after the death. They reach are enter into the Yama authority within 3 days. There in the authority of Yama the dead people get only 20gms of food at 2 times with the enquiry they get the suitable punishment. But when are in the rest they fall on land in the form of air and also in different appearance to see their beloved and also appear in their beloved bodies according to their plant system and in case of death of elder people they could see their dearth before they get the notification of earlier only after dearth they will be in the care of Yama. Sometimes they appear in land they would be the reason of accidents, irritations, for work, trouble in weddings & other problems they all are the rules of nature. Usually the soul of common people are authorized by Yama but only the saints and same special powered people have capacity to overcome from that caught. But at initial stage they also caught by Yama only. Even the Swamiji’s saints soul can also converts as devils. They are under nature.  But Yama also working into under the Lord Harihara Sarahunaath

Lord Harihara Sarahunaath how to solve human kinds and other biomass problems daily in life?

Harihara Sarhunath used to give justice to the devotees and animals who came to him. Once a baby rabbit came to Harihara Sarahunaath to seek justice for his mother's death. Harihar Sarahunaath used to give justice to almost all animals and birds who came to him. The mother of the baby rabbit was killed and eaten by a farmer. Because of this, Harihar Sarahunaath had gathered a meeting in the Math to settle the matter. On one side there was a baby rabbit and a farmer. The farmer told me that the rabbit used to enter the field every day and destroy the rice and I killed it. Harihara Sarahunaath asked the baby rabbit, "What punishment will you give to the farmer that will satisfy you?" He asked. To that, the rabbit said, "He should leave his two acres of land to me. After two years, I will hand over the field to him again." But Harihara Sarahunaath had made a condition for the baby rabbit, that is, "During this two-year period, you have not gone anywhere else except the two-acre field. You have not crossed the boundary. No one will come within your boundary." The baby rabbit agreed. After a few days the baby rabbit started eating two acres of crops out of anger on the farmer. But no animal, bird or man could enter there within the boundary of two acres. But after a few days the water in the well in that two acre field dried up. Unluckily, the baby rabbit crossed the boundary of the two-acre field and went to drink water, and was caught in the mouth of a lion. Later, the punishment given to the farmer ended.

Why ignored eating non veg ?

It was Param Prabhu Sarahunaath who was responsible for the banning or protesting of cow meat or cow slaughter in the Kali Yuga. That is, once a human being in the world saw that cows were being killed and eaten for the sustenance of his stomach, all the cows in the world came to the Supreme Lord Sarahunaath and complained about this and pleaded for survival. When Sarahunaath said that there is no need to kill the cows and feed them anymore but use the products from the milk of the cows, again he no longer killed the cows. He ordered that the ultimate sin befalls those who kill and eat and those who kill, and the cows should always be with me and the Kalpataru should be Kamadhenu. Also, he himself lived among the cows so that cow slaughter should be banned from now on.

       Here it is clearly seen why Harihara Sarahunaath was neither not eating fish nor non-vegetarian. All the animals and birds in the world came to Harihara Sarahunaath and complained about this and requested him to save us from the predation of demons and humans. Harihara Sarahunaath granted the request of animals and birds. He said, "Whoever comes to Me for help will never do wrong. If they worship Me, they will not like the hunting of animals and birds. Those who forget Me will become non-vegetarians by joining the company of demons. But in some birth they will worship Me again. God does not like meat-eating. But man also sometimes eats meat to suppress the gluttony of demons.  It will happen."

       Seeing this, even the fishes in the sea prayed to Harihara Sarahunaath. Once upon a time there was a story of a fish. A love story took place between Anjal fish and Seer fish. Once Anjal fish menstruated. Seeing that Anjal fish was menstruating, the fish's relatives and parents kept it at home for a few days so that it would not go to the sea to fetch fodder. Seeing Anjal fish alone at home, Seer fish, the male of the opposite house, falls in love with Anjal fish.

       For a few days the love of those two different species grew sky high. Hybridization also took place between the two fishes. But when those two fish crossed, Anjal became fish conceived. She also gave birth to seer fishes for a few days. Anjal Fish tribe saw Anjal Fish delivery. Lover Anjal fish is pregnant by somebody. They left that ocean alone and threw them put out of the ocean along with the children as it broke their system. The Seer Fish who caused Anjal fish pregnancy was hanged by the Anjal Fish sect. In other words, Seer fish was hanged by the whale, the king of the sea.

       One side Angel fish, who were orphaned and wandered across the land with their children, did not allow any other species of fish to live with them in any ocean. Instead, she was stigmatized as the one who was exiled from the country. In the end, Anjal Fish, who was distraught, did not have a chance to live in any ocean for himself and his children, so he began to crave for food as well. The next life was very difficult. She had also decided that she should die along with other children by getting caught in some poisonous water bodies.

     Then Anjal Fish If I die my children will be orphans. Also Harihara began to do long penance on Sarahunaath saying that if I die, the stigma that has come on me will not go away. Harihara Sarahunaath, moved by the long penance of Anjal Fish, made the ocean water to be in front of Anjal Fish only where Anjal Fish and its children were. They made it as if there was no water on the other side. Due to this, the aquatic creatures of Kangala ocean rushed to Harihar Sarahunaath and went to him. Then Harihar Sarhunath had understood that Anjal Fish was not an adulteress. Then all the fishes of the ocean made a request to Sarahunaath. That is to say, "As long as you protect the animals and birds, we can roam freely in the sea. As long as the world worships you, there is no danger to our lives. Those who believe in you will never become non- vegetarians. We will not be killed and eaten. Anyone who is a non-vegetarian slave is a servant of giants." Harihara Sarahunaath accepted them prayer it. So he avoided eating non-vegetarian food. In his view, both the flora and fauna were one and the same.

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