Cricket 2023 with Coaching Academies

Cricket 2023 with Coaching Academies

Start of 2023, with everyone's prime focus on the cricket IPL and World Cup across India, there's alot more happening at the grassroots level of this popular game and that's where we came across one of the elite cricket coach - Mr. Sayeed Fallah of Fallah Cricket Academy with a good cricket presence across the city of Pune or we can also say across the state of Maharashtra.

Sayeed Fallah has recently and for the first time started a unique concept of a talent hunt from the school level, as we dig into our research and spoke with him briefly, he said "Apart from my Academies, I recently started cricket training for Cygnet & Blossom Public School at TSSM Campus which comes under JSPM Group of Institutions, the principal's Mrs. Ajita Parbat & Mrs. Vandana Kharat supported my cause wherein I have a free hand to explore and shortlist the "Upcoming Stars" of tomorrow, for all we know this had been the same way the big names like Sachin Tendulkar and Virat Kohli were highlighted as they had an outstanding performance in the school level cricket, although it is sad to see today's youngster is either drifting away from the school level sports or getting attracted to the moronism of social media activities, I strongly feel if we as mentor's and coaches guide these kids to the right path & domain then there is a lot of potential in the youth of Maharashtra", he said.

When asked, what he thinks about the star cricket players from Maharashtra, he half-smiled and replied "Look there is no doubt that our state has always had many potential players than any other state in the country, starting from the big names in the late 90's to the present date, we have seen great players like Hrishikesh Kanitkar, Kedar Jadhav, Ruturaj Gaikwad just to name a few cause I can't recall all the names in just a second, but yes I would admit that all that credit goes to Maharashtra Cricket Association and its committee member for nurturing such an elite level of cricket", he nodded.

When inquired about his plans after his talent search, he shrugged "Look! cricket as a game has evolved alot, earlier it was all about patience and temperament today its all about demands and productivity... my plans are simple, once I find the right group of players for my academy, there are many avenues across the country as well as across the world, I do have multiple connects across England, America, and Australia, However, I just don't wish to jump the guns so fast, I would like to follow the process do the baby steps let these group of players train and learn at the local level to prove their caliber and then proceed further". 

To conclude, the way Sayeed Fallah has defined his vision, we also observed that he is more inclined to let the youngster love and enjoy the game rather than just the standard way of technique learning.


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