World Diabetes Day : Scope of Homeopathic Treatment

World Diabetes Day : Scope of Homeopathic Treatment

Diabetes Mellitus is almost an undeclared epidemic in 21st century. There are over 72.96 million people suffering from Diabetes in India alone and of all patients of Diabetes from around the world, every sixth patient is from India. As a country we Indians stand midway between China and US in maximum number of Diabetes sufferers, which is something we should be worried about.

Despite Diabetes standing sixth in the list of major killer diseases, it is responsible for causing or maintaining most of the deadly diseases like CAD or Heart Diseases, CVA or Stroke, CRF or Renal Failure, Blindness and limb amputation. Therefore being cause of death indirectly in most disease situations. But all these complications arise due to uncontrolled Diabetes and the best part is Diabetes is completely preventable and controllable.

Therefore in order to understand its prevention or control we must understand out of three, the kind of Diabetes one is suffering from and it causes. Type I or IDDM or Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus is due to deficient, defective or non production of Insulin in the body. Type II or NIDDM or Non Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus where there is adequate amount of reasonable Insulin but it cannot be utilized due to defective Insulin Receptors. Third or the

Gestational Diabetes which occurs during pregnancy. 

The most important causes of Diabetes are uncontrolled diet and overeating, sedentary lifestyle, stress, irregular working hours affecting the sleep cycle, being overworked or bearing too many responsibilities.

One should pay attention if there are any of the following symptoms like excessive or change in thirst or eating pattern, unexplained weight loss, easy fatigue, loss of stamina, frequent urination, numbness of hand or feet, blurred vision etc.

Get Fasting, Post Prandial or Random Blood Sugar, whichever is possible, checked immediately as soon as there is onset of such symptoms. If all the three are found to be normal, they still need to be repeated every 3-6 months, if symptoms do not subside. While if  any of them is in the higher range, get HbA1c or Glycosylated Heamoglobin which given an approximate average of blood sugar level of last 3-4 months. If HbA1c is found to be more than 5.7, then regular monitoring of Blood Sugar is required once a month or once in three months depending on the symptoms and blood sugar levels. If its persistently high then Urine should be checked for Albumin or Protein. Ultrasound can also be done to check shape and size of Kidneys, Pancreas, Liver etc for any ill effects of Diabetes.

Once diagnosed, Diabetes can be controlled effectively as well as prevented, (if a person is at high risk due to family history), by following these steps.

    Avoiding mental stress at all costs. 

    Taking long and deep breaths to calm the mind and improved oxygenation of blood. 

    Regular Meditation and Yoga. 

    Being physically active by jogging, swimming, running on treadmill, playing etc.

    Keeping the body and mind busy but not being workaholic.

    Pursuing ones hobbies or developing new hobbies.

    Eating healthy food is of utmost importance.  Check the Glycemic Index of the food being taken and avoid those with high Glycemic Index such as sweets, bakery items, biscuits, patties and deep fried food.

    Dieting to lose weight, intermittent fasting are also proven to be beneficial.

    Sleeping early and getting up early in the morning has age old proven benefits. 

Modern Medicines are effective in controlling blood sugar levels but unable to treat the cause. Besides, except for Insulin, almost all other Oral Hypoglycemic Drugs have side effects, sometimes grave.

Therefore Homeopathic medicines are capable of not only controlling Diabetes but also taking care of its root cause.  Ignatia, Kali phos, Holly, Elm, Gorse, Acid phos can not only reduce the mental stress, anxiety of effects of some shock and disappointment, but also Diabetes resulting out of these causes. Uranium nitricum, Gymnema, Insulin, Syzygium, Berberis, asiactica, Arsenic brom etc. can be useful for Daibetes due to sedentary lifestyle and almost all other causes.  Constitutional Homeopathic medicines such as Arsenic album, Phorphorus, Natrum mur, Lycopodium, when indicated can activate stem cells and improve production of Insulin, which otherwise may have stopped. The Homeopathic Therapeutic method is very beneficial for IDDM, NIDDM and especially for Gestational Diabetes, where the crude drug might cause side effects in the foetus. Homeopathy can be useful for children suffering from Diabetes. But before taking any Homeopathic medication, one must consult an experienced Registered Medical Practioner as self medication or medicines prescribed by hobby practioners or quacks can do more harm than good.

Note: This article is a guest post by Dr Lubna Kamal, Asstt Professor (State JLN Homeopathic Medical College) 

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