“Garden City University Organizes Session on Combating Climate Change ”

“Garden City University Organizes Session on Combating Climate Change ”

4 November 2022, Bengaluru: Garden City University organised an informative session on the topic “Combating Climate Change” at the main auditorium in the Garden City University Campus, Bengaluru on Friday.. The session was led by renowned bureaucrat and environmental activist Shri Harsha Vardhan Umre, IRS who provided a unique perspective to understanding our collective role in dealing with climate change and its consequences.

Mr Christo Joseph, FRSA - Director Strategy and Planning, Garden City University introduced the chief guest and spoke about the importance of discussions related to climate change in university spaces as the coming generations will face the consequences of actions taken today. He also emphasised on the need for increased efforts in education on the topic of climate change and introduced the honourable speaker to the audience. 

The chief guest, Shri Harsha Vardhan Umre, Commissioner Customs and Indirect Tax, Govt. of India and Founder of Ahimsa Human Rights and Earth Rights NGO, addressed the gathering about the importance of sustainability and alternative perspectives towards fighting climate change. He started the discussion by interacting with the audience and raising a very thought provoking question, “Dear students how are you today? Are you all feeling fine? Now, if you had to ask the same question to Mother Earth, could you say Mother Earth is fine today?” Taking this discussion forward, Shri Harsh Vardhan reiterated to the students the need to take collective action at the local level to start making conscious choices when using plastic and other items that are dangerous to the environment and exploring alternate solutions such as glass bottles instead of plastic and bamboo toothbrushes instead of plastic ones. Shri. Harsh Vardhan also mentioned the positive green environment of Garden City University and appreciated the vision of the Honourable Chancellor of Garden City University Dr Joseph VG in building a beautiful green campus for the students to study. Adding to this, he saluted the participation of the students of Garden City University in the 1 million tree plantation drive that he initiated through Ahimsa on 5th June 2022.

CEO of Garden City University  Lieutenant General Ramesh Halgali (Retd) proposed the vote of thanks and spoke about the commitment GCU has in the conservation of the environment and educating the future generations with values of sustainability. In addition, he also stated that a Think Tank on Climate Change and Sustainability will be constituted at Garden City University and eminent voices from the arena of environmental activism such as Shri Harsh Vardan will act as enablers and chairs to address key issues.

The event was also graced by Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dr. G. R. Naik, Pro-Vice Chancellor Dr. Vandana Hegde, Mr Arun Sivag, Founder of GlobalKulture, Registrar of Garden City University Dr. Sibi Shaji, and Controller of Examinations Dr. Sheeja Rajesh, along with the faculty members and students of the School of Sciences at Garden City University. 

Garden City University (GCU) has been providing quality higher education in the fields of science and management for more than three decades, in Bangalore, India. The university offers industry-centric programs across various disciplines that have attracted students from every state of India and 81 countries through these years. Garden City University, with its  vision towards the progress of higher education through international collaboration and holistic development of educational spaces, is proud to engage with industry leaders and academic experts to create a platform for comprehensive discussion and integrated learning.

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