Army Brat Becomes World’s First Child Author to Write a Solo book on Flash Fictions.

Army Brat Becomes World’s First Child Author to Write a Solo book on Flash Fictions.

Army children are known for their varied experiences with frequent moves and changes at different stations. Their challenges are indeed incomparable when it comes to adjustments, whether at school or in a new location. However, they never let their passion stay behind to explore their skills. Saatvik Sachdeva, a 12-year-old has become the World’s first child author to write a complete single book on flash fiction including most of the forms of Flash Fiction. His book ‘Reflections: a journey through flash fictions’ is the first exclusive book on Flash fiction with the shortest stories below 10 words to 1000 words. 
Reflections is published by Griffin publication and was launched on 1 October 2022 in the presence of eminent army officials and families. The launch was covered by local media portals.
‘Reflections’ is a collection of Flash Fiction where author Saatvik Sachdeva has experimented with his pen to write the shortest forms of stories describing his journey thoughts. Here the author has penned down his journey of imagination and experiences of the real in different forms of short stories such as dribble, drabble, 300 short stories, and sudden stories.
The origin of Flash fiction is rooted in Aesop's Fables. These styles of writing could be found in the fables and parables of Ancient Greece. In the 1930s, the concept of very short story writing became established as a genre in the field of Literature and was known as short- short stories. In the early 1990s, the usual term short-short stories was established as Flash Fiction. Many flash fictions are found to be published in magazines, journals, and anthologies. However, there was no solo book on flash fiction with its all technicalities. Saatvik Sachdeva is the first child author to have experimented with the technicalities and wrote a complete book consisting of almost all forms of flash fiction.
Saatvik Sachdeva is the son of a serving Army Officer and is currently, a student at Army School, Ambala Cantt. The stories in the book ‘Reflections’ are the reflections of his thoughts, memories, feelings, and the imaginary world he dwells in. He is fond of music and plays the musical instrument keyboard. He is an avid reader and loves accumulating Scientific and Technical knowledge. Saatvik loves to stay in his imaginary world of Space, gadgets, and inventions.
His book is available on Amazon, KDP and soon will be available on Flipkart too. Here is the link to grab a copy of his book ‘Reflections: a journey through flash fictions.’

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