Meet Jay Rathore ! Digital Marketing expert and a Growing Youtuber

Meet Jay Rathore ! Digital Marketing expert and a Growing Youtuber

This story about Jay Rathore Born in Jaipur Rajasthan. He is just 29 Years old and is the founder of Brands Unbreakable and Indiashoppy. He started his IT Journey in 2016. Basically he is not from IT field but he was always interested in IT Things. So He started self-learning in web development and took some projects by himself. After 1 year when he completed some successful projects he started his own company in 2017 Unbreakable that deals in Digital Marketing and Web Development Services. Now days unbreakable services completed around 5000+ websites for his clients and working with around 45+ IT companies. The people who are connected with this organization are like family to him. He has worked hard to reach at this level and now he is the head of one of the leading social media agency and advertising agency in Rajasthan. The promotions done by him gave another level results and that's the reason of his growth. In the last 4 years he has achieved great success. Many high profile influencers and companies are connected with him from the beginning and often collaborate with him. Unbreakable is more than a brand now and all of this is only possible because of Jay’s hard work and passion towards his work. After this journey He also started a Youtube channel (Channel name - Jay Rathore) in 2020 and within a 2 year he got a big success and right now he have 3.5K+ Subscribers and He teaches there IT and digital marketing tutorials and viewers enjoy his content. In 2021 He started one more Brand India-shoppy. Under India-shoppy company offer Clickable Digital Business Card services and they also offer so many IT Products under this brand. Right now india-shoppy portal have 2100+ Registered users they are using digital business card Services. Before 2 months he also launched a app on play store (App Name – Technical Jay) in this app they serve digital marketing and web development courses. So student can access all the courses and certification through the app in a nominal fee amount. After the pandemic hit the earth, everything changed forever. Digital presence became the prime source and that is also the period many digital experts came into play. Many new talents started getting the right limelight through digital presence. Even the local clients from offline to online increase and entrepreneur Jay Rathore took this opportunity as a experienced digital marketing expert would. Jay Rathore is a living proof that your age can't decide what you are capable of achieving as he has achieved such heights in life at such a young age. Brand Links https://unbreakable.co.in https://india-shoppy.com

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