Acclaimed dark Gangsta Rap Star  Arshad Shaih AKA Bhai Mataan shakes up the Hospitality scene at Four Points Vashi.

Acclaimed dark Gangsta Rap Star Arshad Shaih AKA Bhai Mataan shakes up the Hospitality scene at Four Points Vashi.

In an exclusive interview with news correspondent Sneha Nair, international rapper Bhai Mastaan, while receiving the accolade at Hotel Four Points by Sheraton, Vashi, spilled the beans on his upcoming plans. Bhai Mastaan is all set to turn up the heat in the Indian rap industry with his gangster rap genre of music hitting charts next year. Arshad Shaikh, popularly known as Bhai Mastaan, is a roaring rage in Doha, Qatar with his music popularly inclusive of humanity and social issues among other related topics.
Born in India, Arshad was a Mumbai localite who later moved and was brought up in Doha. He first set his professional foot forward in 2008 in the modeling industry, only to later emerge as the first Indian Commercial Model in Doha. Since then, his graph has only shown a hike, switching axes through different career bowls. His journey that had started off as a popular model soon changed tracks and shifted gears to the Aviation Industry, later followed by Banking. A couple of career leaps later, Arshad paved the way for Bhai Mastaan. He picked up the pen in 2008 and hasn’t set it down since. A story and script writer, Bhai Mastaan is a very successful gangster rapper who pens down real life events, allowing a window to peep into the atrocities of the world. While Arshad Shaikh is a very renowned Recruiter and Business Consultant in Doha, Bhai Mastaan shares the love for his lyrical portrayal of many an aching hearts. Some of his popular works find their mentions by the names of “Ae Insaan”, “Galti Kiya Tuney”, and “Kadam ki Dastaan”. Bhai Mastaan is not only a big hit in Qatar and India, but also enjoys fan moments with his followers in Vietnam, Nepal and even the European countries. In a candid reminiscence, the rapper smilingly divulged an anecdote to our news correspondent Sneha Nair, saying “I was at Tbilisi one time when a gentleman broke into a friendly embrace upon seeing me walk the local streets. I was surprised at first. I didn’t quite fathom my success back then. It was so overwhelming. I was touched. It is the love of these people that has given me the immense strength to continue doing what I love and grow into the name and fame I have achieved today.” This gangster rapper is all set to spread his wings across his hometown, Mumbai, taking the vision of humanity to higher levels. “India is where I originally come from and no one can stay away from home for too long. The way people have accepted and responded to my work has given me a new edge of confidence to spread my base further. India had to be on my list. I have worked very hard and toiled through a lot of dirt to rise above it all.” Bhai Mastaan has some ideas for the Indian audience. A “special something” as he calls it, will be ready to start work by early 2023. Although details haven’t been revealed yet, Bhai Mastaan’s chuckle promises a tide turning revolution among the gangster rappers, especially in India. Standing tall as the ONLY GANGSTER RAPPER in Asia today, we are all excitedly awaiting his series of creations. For news and media coverage, contact timesnowbusiness.com at +91 77100 30004 - RV

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