International Capacity Building Program on “Research in Practice” concludes with a resounding success

International Capacity Building Program on “Research in Practice” concludes with a resounding success

03rd May,2023-The Departments’ of Education of Siddhinath Mahavidyalaya and Swami Vivekananda University in collaboration with Council for Teachers Professional Development (CTPD), India, recently concluded a ten-day International Capacity Building Program on “Research in Practice”(20th April to 3rd May 2023). The program aimed to introduce key elements of research in practice, such as principles of research ethics and quality, developing research proposal, qualitative research, tools for collecting data, conducting, recording and monitoring research, managing and analyzing data, evaluating, reporting and disseminating research outcomes.

The program was conducted in a hybrid mode from 20th April to 3rd May 2023 and saw the participation of more than 150 participants from different disciplines, including faculty members,research scholars and students of reputed Universities, colleges and different educational institutions, students,research scholars & faculty members of Swami Vivekananda University and UG students of Siddhinath Mahavidyalaya, as well as erudite life members of CTPD, India. The participants were mainly from West Bengal, New Delhi, Rajasthan, Ethiopia, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, and other places.

The workshop participants were exposed to mixed training methodologies with lecture discussion, working groups and case studies. Eminent speakers around the globe and nation expressed their views on different areas of research. Among them were Prof. Dr. Manoj Kumar Mishra, Salale University, Ethiopia, Prof. Dr. Sanjay Kumar, Principal, Saraswati College of Professional Studies, Ghaziabad, UP, Dr. Udayan Mondol, Dept. of Education, Bankura University, Prof. Dr. Prarthita Biswas & Dr. Subhadeep Mazumder, HoD, Dept. of Education, Swami Vivekananda University, Dr. Sk. Md. Ali, Principal, Savitri Girls College, Dr. Newton Biswas, Dept. of Education, Gokhale Memorial Girls’ College, Dr. Piyali Ghosh, Dept. of Education, Savitri Girls’ College & Dr. Shyamasree Sur, HoD, Dept. of Education, Siddhinath Mahavidyalaya.

During the workshop, the participants were given different exercises, on refining and modifying their own research proposal, based on their discussion with the course faculty and fellow delegates. They were evaluated by external experts Dr. Nilanjana Mitra, HoD, Dept. of Psychology, SVU and Dr. Priya Mitra, HoD of the Dept. of Education, JIS University. Participants were advised to use the acquired knowledge and skills to further modify and refine their research projects.

The valedictory address of the workshop was delivered by Prof. Dr. Uma Ghosh, Principal of Siddhinath Mahavidyalaya, who stressed upon multidisciplinary research areas and interdisciplinary culture and innovations in research and its applications in the 21st century.Prof.MAM Sameem, Faculty of the Dept.of English of the South Eastern University of Sri Lanka who was present in this session as an invitee also congratulated the organanizers and the participants for the successful completion of the 10days capacity building programme-"Research in Practice".

During the valedictory session, the organization team lead jointly by Dr. Shyamasree Sur, HoD of the Dept. of Education, Siddhinath Mahavidyalaya, Prof. Dr. Prarthita Biswas of Swami Vivekananda University(SVU), Dr.Subhadeep Mazumder,HoD,Dept.of Education,SVU & Prof.Dr.Sanjay Kumar,President CTPD,India thanked Dr. Nandan Gupta Sir, Chancellor, Swami Vivekananda University for his immense support; Prof. (Dr.) Subrata Kumar Dey Sir, Vice Chancellor, Swami Vivekananda University for supporting them in this endeavor; Prof. (Dr.) Pinak Pani Nath Sir, Registrar, Swami Vivekananda University for guiding the entire workshop team and Mr. Saurabh Adhikari Sir, Chief Operating Officer, Swami Vivekananda University for being with them since the inception of the workshop.

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