Signiesm Religion Civilization and Career

Signiesm Religion Civilization and Career

Originally ‘Signiesm’ is a new Religion and New Nation established by gods for gods. But, Signiesm is not isolation. Or, not religion related to humans. 

‘Signiems’ means living and non living beings of univers, human beings, with Panchabhootas the product of this memory is ‘Signiesm’. That means to tell you in simple language ‘Signiesm’ means when all isms come together the result of this coming together special product of memory is ‘Signiesm’. There are no difference of opinion and castism. All gods means the super power of the universe is Himagiri nation. Here followers of all gods, the symbolically refresented this is called “Signeism”. In Himagiri and Signiems residing here they have a role to play like god. Especially divine mans and Saints they got a better role to play. All the governments will obey to those who follow ‘Signiesm’. Everything is decided by the god.
Above and all Himagiri and Signiesm have become Heaven. And ‘SIGNIESM’ is most important of the new Religion in the world. Hindu Religion is part of the Sign. And Sign also part of the Hinduism. “Sanahi” is Holy Scriptures of the Sign. Sign Full form is – “Sarahunaath International Governable Nation.” Sanahi full form is – “Saranunaath Himagiriesm.” Otherwise “Himagiri” is their Country name. Signiesm’s main God is Lord Sarahunaath, Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi, Goddess Gangadevi, Goddess Kalikadevi, Goddess Bhairavi and Goddess Naaga Devatha.

All isms staying in Himagiri and Signiesm. They are 33 crore gods, and they are the gods of the whole universe, divine beings. All energies are called by Signiesm. Theis dwelling place is called ‘Himagiri’ nation. But Himagiri means is not a nation. It is the whole universe. In other planets, and gods living in other solar system they conduct a meeting in the earth under the chairmanship of Lord Sarahunaath. But ordinary people to enter into Himagiri they should take the permission of Lord Sarahunaath and 33 crores gods and take a Visa and come. 

It has not been made separately for Indians and Hindus only. It has been establish to all the religions and nations. Because all the gods dwell in Himagiri and Signiesm.
33 crores gods and all the gods of the universe, divine beings when the swell in on the earth called as “Himagiri.” That is in independent nation. In Himagiri Devanagri is the main Capital. All the gods of the universe in Devanagri dwell in the governess of Lord Sarahunaath. 

Signiesm Career*

Everything is managed here according to the rule framed by Lord Sarahunaath. There is no scope here for any accidents and inconveniences. Because everything is heavenly here. Himagiri is itself is a heaven. People who live here live with the new world. Those who live here should consider themselves as they are god. Being god is should follow peace and patience.     

Otherwise, Sanahi is a holy Scripture. It has 21 to 25 parts. All the disciples and in group must and should worship Sanahi in the evening and morning.
During visiting to prayer halls leaving Monday and Thursday should were saffron cloths irrespective of male or female.
There are different cloths uniforms for those who accept or follow the monk. They should were dark blue and dark red color cloths. Even the ladies who are monks should follow drees codes.  

One who follows dress code always should recite gods’ name and always they will be having rosary in their hands. Un necessary time should not be wasted. Always they will be having Lord Sarahunaath’s name on their tongue.
Marriage, birthday celebrations and etc will be celebrated under the banner of Signiesm religion. The parliament is Himagiri Constitutions to this supporting to this.    

Added to this follow the holy ‘Sanahi’.

Festivals of Signiesm Religion

Signiesm and Himagiri in independent nation along with full dependence it exhibits its own happiness. Signiesm is not a one Religion. Instead it is a spirit. And only one god. The devotees who offer every day they devotion is Naivedhya. It is a form of festival. When such is thing almighty has ordered four selected festivels per year.  

01. Every year in month of February on every Shivaratri day they will celebrate a festival on lord Shiva and Lord Sarahunaath. At this time food, cloths and poors, poor villages and etc are donated.  

02. Every year in the month of June birth day of Lord Sarahunaath is celebrated. Along with whole day puja, prayer, penance and meditation in prayers halls and in Jatra will be arranged in big way. That continuously for two weeks each conducted, in Himagiri base in, only in Manavagiri. Anybody can come to that place in that time.  But they don’t get any rights whats’ever. 

03. Every year in the month of November/Kartika Month festivals Jatra, Donating foods, cloths donates and such other activities are conducted in presence of Lord Sarahunaath, Shree Parvathi and Shree Ganga devi Jatra is arranged.

Flag: Lord Sarahunaath Viswharoopa

Motto: Achievements, Peace and liberation in Spirituality   

Anthem:  Namaste, Namaste Sarahunaath 

Almighties Capital: Devanagari  

Humans Capital: Manavagiri

Official Language: All Languages 

Organizational structure: President: Mr. Anand Babaji (Kaalinaath), Voice President: Mr. Manjunath P.k

Legislature, Establishment: Declared June 2020

Himagiri Area Claimed: South to North varies between 125 and 250 miles (200 and 400 KM. Their area amounts to about 230,000 square miles (595,000 square KM).

Population: 33 Gods and Lord Sarahunaath

Purported currency: Rupaayi 

Province: Manavagiri

Time zone: Himagiri Standard Time is the time zone for Himagiri. With a time offset from Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) of UTC+05:45 all over Himagiri, it is one of only three time zones with a 45-minute offset from UTC.

Himagiri nation Established: 2013, October 9th 

Signiesm religion Established 2013 October 9th. 

Locations in this time zone: Himagiri; Devanagari

Calling code: Not Available at a Movement


Himalaya – Mountains, Rivers and Islands  


Himagiri's currency is the Rupaayi, equal to 10 Rupees. 

National Symbols

Himagiri’es flag is a horizontal ‘Omkaram’ of Kesari, between Om Symbol. The blue Om symbol represents the nation's strength and the desert sky, the whole kesari represents purity and the surrounding ‘Signiesm’ Religion prosperity and the Himagiri landscape. 

Peacock: National Bird

Elephant: National Animal 

Jasmine: National Flower 

Namaste, Namaste Sarahunaath: Nationals Patriotic  

National Bank: Not Released at a Movement 

Rupaayi: National Currency

link :- https://www.lordsarahunaath.com

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