Lord Harihara Sarahunaath god is world all religions almighty god.

Lord Harihara Sarahunaath god is world all religions almighty god.


At the beginning of the krita era, the monotheism was established by the Supreme Being for the benefit of society. But man has created religion and caste in himself according to his work. Due to the discrimination and bullying in the religions since then till now, the capable Lord harihara Sarahunaath have re-established the same temperament in Kali yuga. It is currently named “Sanahi”. And after the Kali Yuga, Sanahi era begins. Sanahi means “Sarahunaath Himagirisam”. Since the 33 crore Gods resided in Himagiri, the Sarahunaath had established Himagiri as a new nation.

Sarahunaath means the summation of all divine beings in the world. So they can be worshiped by any religion. Lord Sarahunaath is incarnation of all religions in the world. Means lord Sarahunaath was Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Bahai Faith, Hinduism, Taoism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Slavic neopaganism, Celtic, Polytheism, Heathenism (Germanic Paganism), Semitic neopaganism, Wicca, Kemitism (Egyption paganism), Hellenism (Greek paganism), Italo-Roman neopaganism religions.

Harihara Sarahunaath resides in every religion in the universe and especially on earth.  Harihara Sarahunaath resides in the temples, prayer halls and yoga temples of every religion in the world.  Harihar Sarahunaath means the conjugation of both Shiva and Vishnu.  Wherever they resided, angels also resided.  There are 300 or 400 Angels residing in each temple of each religion to fulfill the commandments of Harihar Sarahunaath and remove the sufferings of the devotees.  About 300 to 400 angels reside in Muslim mosques, Harihara Sarahunaath and angels reside in approximately 3.6 million mosques in the Muslim world.  In Jainism, there are 300 or 400 angels residing in the Basadi or approximately 800 temples to carry out the orders of Harihara Sarahunaath and relieve the sufferings of the devotees.  In Buddhism, there are approximately 300 or 400 angels residing in over 300 monasteries and temples around the world to carry out the commandments of Harihara Sarahunaath and relieve the sufferings of devotees.  Similarly Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Baháʼí Faith, Hinduism, Taoism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Slavic neopaganism, Celtic polytheism, Heathenism (Germanic paganism), Semitic neopaganism, Wicca, Kemetism (Egyptian paganism), Hellenism (Greek paganism), Italo-Roman neopaganism religions 300 to 400 angels each of the religions accompanied Harihar Sarahunaath.  400 angels live to fulfill the commandments of Harihar Sarahunaath and remove the sufferings of the devotees.

Muslims pray "Allah Sarvanath Shubham Allah Masha Allah Harihar Sarahunaath".  Jains pray "Jainam Bhavati Harihara Sarahunaath Sashanam".  Buddhists pray "Buddam Sharanam Harihara Sarhunath Sharanam Gachchami".  Similarly, other religions of the world pray "Param Prabhu Harihara Sarhunath is the Most Merciful" as per their own religion's prayer style.  Similarly, the angels of respective religions are also saying the same thing.

To spread Signiesm in the world and every religion should live on the basis of Signiesm.  Every religion should leave discrimination and come out.  Everything in the world should become God's world.  Everyone should become God-man.  And Harihar Sarahunaath's intention is that they worship their religion as Gods and Humans.

Why Sarahunaath created the constitution and penal code? Because a human being exists today and dies tomorrow. Today one is born in one religion and tomorrow he is born in another religion. No riots in religion for that; Wars are not inevitable. Castes are not necessary. They created the constitution to live as brothers and sisters with compassion as long as they are human beings. If this constitution and the penal code written by him come into power, the entire universe will become divine. Enemies become well-wishers. Religions unite. Rapes will stop completely. Wealth ends poverty. Thieves become idealists. Premature deaths do not occur. Murder robbers will stop completely. One can immediately find out whether one has committed a crime or not. Religious riots do not happen anywhere. Everyone can see God directly. Amity arises in neighboring countries. Bomb making, armed will not be allowed. Anything that happens anywhere in the universe can be detected instantly. There is no room for politics. Everyone gets divine power in the constitution. Everyone becomes a god-man. Then there can be no disagreements or miscommunications anywhere.

To called Lord Harihara Sarahunaath also known as Shiva, Mahadeva, Hara, Hari, Vishnu, Somanaath, Venkatesh, Narayana, Kashinaath. But Sarahunaath choose to now a days himself name as his parents. Generally, if Sarahunaath wrote any novels or stories, they were actually happening in his life in the next life. Almost all the novels and stories written by him contain very deep ideas. No one in the world can even imagine it. No one can write like him. Also, in most of his novels, the sun rises in the western and northern directions instead of the eastern direction. Every 21 days Harihar Sarhunath's divine power grew by four inches.  That is, it is impossible to tell how much divine power they may develop in the coming days.

33 gods all those are only angels not almighty gods. But represented those are all different human beings works. But in the universe only we saw only three almighty gods. These are Lord Sarahunaath, lord shiva and lord vishnu. Universe abode is the real abode of the lord Sarahunaath.

Typically in Hinduism some angels represented to human beings works. example lord ganesha not god. sarasvati is not god. Bhoodevi is not god. Brahma is not god. yama is not god. but these are not god and not live gods. these are only represented educational, death, prosperity, Earth and fate. That means they are just index. Even lord Rama, lord Krishna, lord Panduranga, lord Parashuram represented lord Vishnu.

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