Handmade gift item brand CustoCorp's owner Sneha Nair wants to bring in more artists on board

Handmade gift item brand CustoCorp's owner Sneha Nair wants to bring in more artists on board

CustoCorp - a one stop shop for customized fabric painted gifts - is looking to expand its team. The market is flooded with startups and established businesses providing new age gifting solutions. Everyone’s looking for something unusual and unique. Amidst the competing brands and products, CustoCorp provides what is rare in the current times; the personalized human touch.
CustoCorp is a startup endeavor by media background event manager and writer Sneha Nair. What started as a hobby is now looking to bloom into a full time business. Sneha says, “I had once asked my mother for money to buy a Death Note themed t-shirt and she had refused. I remember I was so angry and stubborn, I decided to paint one myself. That is when I realized my interest in t-shirt painting. I started painting tees as gifts for friends. Soon, the popularity picked up and the word spread in my social circles. Few years later, I decided it was time to put my newly found skills to better use. And that is how CustoCorp came around.”
CustoCorp first started out with hand painted t-shirts and was formerly known as CustoTees. As new artists joined the team, new products were added to the product line and Tees was thus replaced with Corp. new products include handmade candles of various sizes and shapes, bookmarks, dream catchers, paintings and more. The prices are extremely affordable keeping in mind college students and young adults as potential customers among salaried employees and business owners. The business model is very simplistic and earns just enough profit to credit the artists’ efforts.
The brand mainly draws in orders through references and word of mouth. CustoCorp has an Instagram page which interacts with followers and issues speedy replies to messages and inquiries. “I call myself technologically handicapped. But since we are looking to hire a bigger team, maybe our Instagram will pull in more followers. In today’s time, digital is the way to grow a business. I have got to pull up my socks”, says Sneha.
CustoCorp had joined hands with the Miss Navi Mumbai Beauty pageant Team in 2022 and 2023 as a gift partner. Positive feedback encouraged the young artist to expand her team and grow her business. You can follow CustoCorp on Instagram. It is a small business and is looking for love and support. Feel free to drop a comment. Do tell them your demands as their tagline states “Coz Your Demand Is Our Order.” For news & media coverage, contact sneha.n@timesnowbusiness.com or call on +91 77100 30004 - RV

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