Gangster rapper Bhai MASTAAN'S book to hit the stores by early 2023

Gangster rapper Bhai MASTAAN'S book to hit the stores by early 2023

Solitaire Restaurant - Hotel Kohinoor Continental, Andheri felicitates Special Guest, international Gangster rapper Bhai MASTAAN as the former settles down with professional writer to discuss upcoming book. Guests at Solitaire Restaurant were left beaming as international artist, songwriter and rapper, Bhai MASTAAN, made his entry into the premises earlier this evening. With his team in tow, the artist was swiftly tabled at a comfortable corner before graciously being applauded with a hamper by Mr. Prasan Surve, General Manager and Mr. Giles Pereira, the Food and Beverage Head. Arshad Shaikh a.k.a. Bhai MASTAAN has made quite a few appearances at the Solitaire Restaurant and has complimented the food many a time. With a delicious spread and a variety of sumptuous dishes to choose from, Solitaire stands to be one of the favorite picks for Arshad.
Forking a mouthful, the rapper was seen engrossed in conversation with professional writer, Sneha Nair. What seemed like a fairytale fantasy, is indeed true. The rapper confirmed his work in progress over his upcoming endeavor. When quizzed about the burning curiosity, Bhai MASTAAN said, “We have some things planned for 2023. The book is a purview of an upcoming project in making, based on a series of true events.” Bhai MASTAAN is a very renowned artist of his field and is loved and followed even across international borders. A successful businessman and entrepreneur, Arshad Shaikh flipped through career roles that have given ground to his Gangster rap to hold footing - he proudly holds the title of being the only Gangster rapper all over Asia. While an animated conversation took place at the table, the wide eyed expressions and common laughs and giggles affirmed the wait for something very exciting indeed. When asked, Sneha Nair said, beaming, “I am absolutely thrilled about this project. Bhai Mastaan is a writer himself. He has a phenomenal story to share. It’s been great working with him.” Arshad’s entourage had some successful names of their respective fields present at the time of the meeting. Besides writer Sneha Nair, Mr Pranav Jayram, CEO of Network PMC, Rajveer Singh, Brand Enhancement Consultant and actor Shoaib Nafiz also graced the evening. The book is expected to hit the market by early 2023. We are looking forward to shelves being wiped out clean. Wink. For news & media coverage, contact timesnowbusiness.com at +91 77100 30004 - RV

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