LIOTA Award Series honours art and festivities - Founder, Shashi Ramesh

LIOTA Award Series honours art and festivities - Founder, Shashi Ramesh


News Correspondent Sneha Nair grabbed a few minutes of conversation with LIOTA Founder - Director, Shashi Ramesh in a candid conversation at the LIOTA Awards Show pre function and rehearsal.


Multiple award winning, dedicated disciple of esteemed Natyarani Shantala & SNA Awardee Guru Dr. Vasundhara Doraswamy from Mysuru were also present.


Shashi Ramesh takes the opportunity  of the upcoming LAVANYAM Awards initiated by LIOTA to acknowledge the contribution of eminent artists and professionals from different areas.


To be hosted on the 28th January 2023 at the SNDT Auditorium, the show will see the presence of all the guiding Gurus who Shashi has derived learning and knowledge from beyond the classroom. Other dignitaries from the art and cultural background also find their mention in the guest list of the honourable function.


As an Expressive Arts Therapy practitioner and a Zen Counsellor, Shashi has found the right mix of how different art forms and alternative  healing modalities create a space for people to find balance in the most difficult times and challenges.


LIOTA's *LAVANYAM* Awards which will also confer titles to great achievers in fine arts and therapy hopes to be a  prestigious symbol in the  future.


Shashi Ramesh is currently a researcher in the PhD program at the Sri Sri University, Cuttack, Bharatanatyam headed by Dr Sandhya Purecha. She's conducted a number of workshops in different corporates sectors, schools and colleges using techniques of different arts.

A Certified Corporate trainer, she believes that it is only the arts that will give one respite from the chronic stress culture that is all pervasive.

She has been bestowed with a number of accolades for her performances.


Shashi is grateful to all the guests who have accepted this invitation to support her cause, especially Bhavana Shah Tai who is the founder of Tejas Foundation involved in innumerable philanthropic art related activities. 

Present will be the Gurus of all the faculty members of LIOTA like Mukta Joshi Ji, Smt. Geeta Vijayshankar, Smt. Asha Nambiar, Shri Mohan Talekar and Smt. Pratima Tilak among others.


The chief guest presiding over the ceremony will be none other than Dr. Sandhya Purecha ji, the founder of Bharata College of Fine Arts and Research Centre in Mumbai. LIOTA is absolutely thrilled to announce the collaboration with KALA PARICHAY, a centre for Bharatanatyam  under the aegis of Sarfoji Raje Bhosle Centre for Fine arts at the LIOTA studio in Vidyavihar West in Mumbai. All courses are accessible online too.


Other Celebrities receiving the LAAVANYAM awards are Abhanga Ratna Shri Ganesh Kumarji, Dr. Y A Matcheswala, Architect Neha Chopra, Choreographer Yogesh Patkar and Percussionist Satish K.


In an excerpt from the candid conversation with our news correspondent, Sneha Nair, Smt. Shashi was recorded saying, "LIOTA is a platform that not only recognises the contribution of many champions in their respective fields but believes that this award will also encourage the young crowd to participate and indulge in different types of art and music."


LAVANYAM Awards event will showcase 10 to 15 dance and music recitals by both, the students and the faculty of LIOTA including performances by Sivaprasad NN and Smt Madhushree K. They will have guest performers too like Pooja Gunduka and Surabhi Rao.

Shashi has been  placed at  the  first rank receiving the the Gold medal in the  Masters of Fine Arts MFA program from Bharata college of Fine Arts,culture & Research center affiliated  to Kavikulaguru Kalidas University  Ramtek,Nagpur in the year 2012.

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